Middle School

Build Foundations

Balancing a traditional curriculum with interactive, hands-on learning and exploration, our 5th grade academic program successfully transitions students from elementary to middle school. Students in 5th grade benefit from their own area, separate yet connected to the Upper School, where they feel comfortable to just be kids, while our eight-day rotation allows them to experience life as a middle-schooler. Dedicated faculty get to know each individual student, identifying strengths and pushing students to do and be more. Small class sizes ensure that each student plays an active role in the learning process.
“We allow and encourage our students to test limits and take risks within a structured framework, in order to develop the strength and skills they’ll need to be successful later in life.”

— Gareth Fancher, Head of Middle School

Explore with Confidence

Walk into any 6th, 7th, or 8th grade classroom, and you’ll find lively discussion and an interactive exchange of ideas. Students learn by doing and experiencing. Teachers integrate real-world topics into our traditional curriculum, challenging students to make connections, think critically, and find their voice. Collaborative projects allow students to take risks as leaders and problem-solvers. Whether the subject is a new concept in algebra or the global community, students have endless opportunities to explore—and develop the confidence to do so.
“When I supervise the 5th- and 6th-graders after lunch, they don’t view me as the college counselor; they’re just themselves, and I’m able to get to know them really well. When the time comes to talk about college, they trust me, and I’m better able to help them through the process.”
— Sonia Bell, Director of College Counseling & 11th grade English teacher

Beyond Middle School

By the time they finish 8th grade, students have acquired the communication and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in Upper School—and beyond. With teachers, advisors, friends, and teammates by their sides, they are engaged learners and leaders, confident in themselves and an integral part of our diverse community. On a daily basis, our students demonstrate the tenets of the St. Luke’s Honor Code: kindness, responsibility, honesty, and respect. Declamations serve as a rite of passage, as students push ideas to the limit, defend their findings, and transition to our 9th grade. With a strong academic foundation in place, they are well prepared to reach for—and achieve—more.
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Tailored Programs

Our Middle School programs, tailored to each grade, engage and challenge students.
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St. Luke’s School is a secular private school in New Canaan, Connecticut for grades 5 through 12 serving 25 towns in Connecticut and New York. Our rigorous programs and diverse co-educational community strive for excellence, fostering students’ intellectual and ethical development and preparing them for top colleges. St. Luke’s balanced, multi-dimensional experience provides students with the tools they need for leadership and service in the world.