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Sarah Johnson's Flipped Classroom

The more I learn about the flipped classroom the more right side up the concept seems. Flipping a class means rethinking the how, when and where of learning. Lectures are recorded and watched as homework. Class time is then spent doing – working collaboratively with classmates and the teacher.

Last week, I had the pleasure of listening to Math teacher Sarah Johnson describe her flipping experience. For the first time, Sarah’s ninth grade computer programming class is almost entirely online, meeting in person just once per rotation. She described the new format as “time consuming” but with a “big payoff.” She raised the benefit of students learning at their own pace, repeating lectures until they feel ready to move on. Sarah shared her appreciation of innovating with her students and said she will keep “evolving” her techniques based on class response.

Sarah’s computer programming course was one of six new SLS online or blended learning classes. Though launched just this year, the results are downright exciting. Our teachers are reporting excellent results and enthusiastic, engaged students. In the coming weeks, I will feature more accounts from our teachers and students as we explore this new education frontier.

A huge shout out to Sarah and our other online pioneers (Lee Bruner, Dale Griffa, Jeff Kress, Mike Mitchell and Kirsten Tobler). My thanks and appreciation also go to our entire IT department, lead by Elizabeth Preston. Every day, this team helps turn our community’s forward-thinking aspirations into reality.

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