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Face to Face With a Masai Tribesman—Salaash Morompi

Ta Kwenya! St. Luke’s Middle School faculty and students recently had the opportunity to welcome a Masai tribesman to the Hilltop. During his first visit to America, Salaash Morompi spent a morning with students eager to learn about his country and culture. Salaash spoke of  tribal life and shared stories and striking photos from his work as a safari guide.  This exceptional opportunity, arranged by St. Luke's Center for Leadership, allowed students to truly connect with someone from another land and walk of life. It was global education in living, breathing, vibrant colors.

After a lively presentation and discussion with the entire SLS Middle School, Salaash visited with sixth grade students in Meredith Ostrer’s World Cultures class. "We were blown away by Salaash's story and perspective, and his visit left an indelible mark on the minds of many of our sixth grade students," commented Meredith. "Never have I seen a group of middle school students so captivated by a single person. For me, it was one of my favorite days at SLS, ever.”  One student asked,“What do you think of our country?” With a laugh Salaash replied, “Cold!" Then with a smile and arms spread wide he added, "But welcoming."

In a letter to SLS parent Alicia Wyckoff, who helped make his visit possible, Salaash wrote, “It was my pleasure and felt really honored to have had the chance to chat to the kids. I wish I could get more chances like these and if occasions like these will make this world a better place I am always happy to do it. Thank you so much indeed and as I sit in my work place desk I am slowly sipping hot tea/coffee from the cup the kids gave me, and by the way it was one of my best moments in USA.”

To see more photos of Salaash's visit, please visit the SLS Media Gallery.