Kate Parker-Burgard, Center for Leadership Director

"We want every student in our school to recognize and evolve their unique ability to lead and move their communities forward. Through moral courage, effective communication skills, and deep empathy, all our students can realize their potential and all they have to contribute to the world.”

A Celebration of Us

Exceptional leaders understand the essential value of diversity and inclusion. They surround themselves with people of varying beliefs, backgrounds and skill sets in order to benefit from a broad base of experiences. St. Luke's strives to deepen students’ understanding of differences in race, ethnicity, gender, ability, religion, sexual orientation, age, and socioeconomic status. We foster empathy and respect for all. The goal is not tolerance of differences, but a celebration of the unique and varied contributions each of us makes to this community.

St. Luke's Student Diversity Leadership Council pays tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. during their Meditation reflecting on their experience at a recent Student Diversity Leadership Conference held in Indiana.

Kate Stamoulis '18

I had never been a part of something so meaningful, and I can definitely say that it was indeed life changing. I feel as though I have really found a passion for social justice, and it has opened my eyes to so many things about our world."

Vision for Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive excellence leverages diversity (experience, perspectives, race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, gender or gender expression, ability, etc.) to provide the foundation for educational and institutional excellence. An inclusive community attracts and retains a broad and deep talent pool of prospective students, teachers and trustees. St. Luke’s advances its mission by fostering an inclusive learning environment where students and adults develop as well-balanced, confident leaders who can succeed in a diverse, globally integrated world.
The Vision for Inclusive Excellence is realized when…
1) Every individual in our community  continuously pursues and demonstrates effective communication and interpersonal skills,
2) Every individual in our community learns in the rich context of a diverse population of students and faculty who come to appreciate one another’s experiences, perspectives and talents through collaborative work, inquiry, dialogue and action,

3) Every individual in our community belongs, is valued, and has a stake in the life and purpose of St. Luke’s.
To achieve this vision, St. Luke’s will focus its resources—human and financial—around three key areas: Community, Culture, and Curriculum. Download the document below to read the full Vision for Inclusive Excellence. 

Download Vision for Inclusive Excellence


Myles Gaines '13: "You can be yourself and be a leader."
St. Luke’s School is a secular private school in New Canaan, CT for grades 5 through 12 serving 25 towns in Connecticut and New York. Our exceptional academics and diverse co-educational community foster students’ intellectual and ethical development and prepare them for top colleges. St. Luke’s Center for Leadership builds the commitment to serve and the confidence to lead.