Learn to Code this Summer

Coding is quickly becoming the universal language of the future.  It opens your mind to new ways of thinking that can be applied across every facet of your life.

Through coding, students will be empowered to embrace confusion.  They will learn to interpret problems, combine logic with creativity, and step through solutions, becoming comfortable with the unfamiliar.

At Codebug you will be introduced to the fundamentals of computer science through the same programming languages and practices used by professional software engineers.  Learning to code opens the door for students to work in any industry, solving the problems about which they are the most passionate.  It has the ability to turn passions into projects, and projects into businesses that can impact the world.  We’re here to support those students.

Please contact Sarah Betack + McArthur Gill at with questions about Codebug, and Program Director Hunter Martin with questions about Summer at St. Luke’s.

Courses available:

  • Beginner Web Development: Awaken Your Inner Coder
    • July 12-16, 2021

Virtual Courses (Zoom)
Rising 7th-12th Grades

COST: $395

Instructor: Sarah Betack

Sarah grew up in New Canaan, CT. After graduating from New Canaan High School, she attended Vanderbilt University where she earned a BS in Mathematics and a BA in Secondary Education. Sarah taught high school math for 4 years before attending Dev Bootcamp where she learned to code. In addition to constantly seeking new ways to spread her coding knowledge, Sarah has been working as a professional software engineer ever since learning to code. She currently works as Director of Engineering at The Helper Bees, a tech-enabled platform pairing advanced data analysis with skilled case management to offer next gen home care.

Instructor: McArthur Gill

McArthur grew up in Montgomery, AL though he spent plenty of time as a child on the family catfish farm in rural Alabama. He met Sarah while also studying at Vanderbilt University, where he earned a BE in Mechanical Engineering. McArthur has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, his senior year of college, he cofounded a company that went on to sign a corporate sponsorship with Nissan North America. He currently works at Storyfit, a company using machine learning to gather AI-powered insights for Story Tellers and Story Sellers. Hired initially as a Platform Engineer, after a year he was promoted to Director of Engineering. McArthur believes that software knowledge is like having a superpower, and he wants a world full of superheroes.
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