Summer at St. Luke's

Codebug - Grades 9-12

Coding is quickly becoming the universal language of the future.  It opens your mind to new ways of thinking that can be applied across every facet of your life.

At Codebug, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of computer science through the same programming languages and practices used by professional software engineers.  Learning to code opens the door for students to work in any industry, solving the problems about which they are the most passionate. It has the ability to turn passions into projects and projects into businesses that can impact the world.  

Please contact Sarah Betack + McArthur Gill at with questions about Codebug and Program Director Hunter Martin with questions about Summer at St. Luke’s.

Courses and Dates Available:

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  • Python: Self-Driving Cars

     July 22 -  August 2
    12:45 - 4:45pm
    (Rising 9th-12th graders)

    COST: $1595
    Space is limited.

    Students will learn the fundamentals of Python and algorithmic problem solving as they program mini-self-driving cars.  The students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of machine-learning, as they program their cars to park themselves, weave through cones, and even learn to recognize mini stop signs using the car’s built-in camera.
  • Web Development

    June 10-14
    (Rising 9th-12th graders)
    July 22-August 2
    Grades: 9th-12th
    COST: $1395
    Space is limited.


Instructor: Sarah Betack

After teaching high school math for 4 years, Sarah was driven by her thirst for problem solving and love of mathematics to take the plunge into the world of software engineering.  As a software developer, she has built numerous web and mobile applications at a high-tech startup. Now at Codebug, she is excited to use her passion for teaching to share the power of coding.

Instructor: McArthur Gill

During college, McArthur’s ever-growing list of ideas landed him in Computer Science 101.  He wanted the power to bring his creations to life. Those CS classes equipped him with the tools to found his own company senior year.  His desire to build didn’t stop there, as he went on to be the Director of Engineering at an Artificial Intelligence company in Austin, TX. McArthur believes that software knowledge is like having a superpower, and he wants a world full of superheros.
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