Summer at St. Luke's

Foundations of Computer Science

Online Course

Zach Brusko

June 24 - July 28
Rising 9-12th Grade

COST: $1000 + textbooks
Space is limited.

Please contact Zach Brusko with questions regarding the course.


The Foundations of Computer Science online course will be offered June 24-July 28 to those students who would like to begin studying computer science and engineering without having to wait until the fall.  There are no class meetings or synchronous requirements—everything is done online!

The class is broken down into five weekly modules. Students who take this course will receive 0.33 credits, and the grade will be factored into their GPA. Upon completion, students may take the next course in the designLab sequence (Foundations of Engineering) in the fall or whenever they are ready. This course also fulfills a STEM Scholars requirement. Therefore, in the case of large demand, enrollment preference is given to older students.


St. Luke's Curriculum Guide course description:
This intense five-week online-only course focuses on the conceptual ideas of computing as they relate to various problems through history. Students will be exposed to common computational practices, such as algorithm development, problem-solving, and simple programming.  Students will develop an understanding of what computers were originally created for, what they are used for today, and how they may be used in the future. Additionally, students will learn how the intended purpose of each new machine - and other technologies of the day - influenced the designs.  Students begin the course with an overview of the history of computer development. As the course progresses, students will continue to study modern-day computer research and development through a series of readings, videos and reflection essays. Students will also learn new skills, including basic programming and algorithm design using Scratch, as well as web design and development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Students will be briefly introduced to the Python programming language at the conclusion of the course. This course serves as an alternative to the full-semester Foundations of Computer Science course offered during the school year and fulfills the same prerequisites. However, due to the modification of content from the full-semester course, students who take Foundations of Computer Science over the summer must also take Computer Programming before enrolling in AP Computer Science A.
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