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designLab Camp

Kimberly Gerardi
Michael Mitchell

Please contact Michael Mitchell with questions regarding designLab Camp.

Courses and Dates Available:

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  • Camp LiveGirl at SLS (5th-8th)

    July 13-17

    9:00am - 4:00pm

    (Rising 5th-8th graders)

    Cost: $300
    ***Scholarships are available
    Space is limited.

    Visit the LiveGirl website for more information and to register.

    Please contact Michael Mitchell with questions regarding designLab camps.
    In the designLab we can become inventors, carpenters, engineers and designers. This sophisticated approach to crafting simple machinery will result in a functional gumball machine. We will expose the inner workings of this simple machine with very yummy results. Led by designLab faculty member Kimberly Gerardi, this one week class is designed to allow our youngest students tinker with tools and gadgets in order to understand the foundation of basic engineering. Hand and power tools exploration is part of the process in this safe and encouraging environment.
  • Virtual Reality (5th-12th)

    August 17-21

    Session I
    9:00am - 11:30am

    Session II
    12:30pm - 3:00pm

    (Rising 5th-8th graders)

    Cost: $300
    Space is limited.

    Please contact Michael Mitchell with questions regarding designLab Camp.
    In this one-week exploration led by designLab faculty member Kimberly Gerardi, students will experience how animation has changed over time, exploring both physical and virtual design. Over the course of the week, students will learn how to virtually design their own animation in a three-dimensional space. Students with an interest in drawing and design will benefit from this course. 
  • How to Make Anything (5th-12th)

    August 10-14
    9:00am - 3:00pm
    (Rising 5th-12th graders)

    Cost: $500
    Space is limited.
    Lunch is included.

    Please contact Michael Mitchell with questions regarding designLab Camp.
    Have you ever looked at something and wondered how it was made? Inspired by the MIT course of a similar name and led by designLab director Michael Mitchell, students will explore various fabrication tools within the designLab so that they may better understand and appreciate the process of making.  Each day is centered around a new project that introduces a different category of tools, from hand tools to digital fabrication tools. Across the week, the array of projects helps students to develop their creative problem-solving abilities through the engineering design process. This camp assumes (and prefers) little to no software and/or hardware background, and the cost of the camp includes materials so that each student can take home their creations.

    Please contact Michael Mitchell with questions regarding designLab Camp.
  • Live Green (5th-8th)

    Live Green
    June 22-26
    Grades: 5th-8th

    Cost: $500
    Lunch is included 
    Space is limited
    Please contact Michael Mitchell with questions regarding designLab Camp.
    In this one week exploration in the designLab, students will build a wonderful green environment simulated by clean energy sources technologies. We will tinker with Solar panels, water wheels, irrigation methods, wind turbines, and hydroponic growth to help our youngest engineers develop an understanding of how clean energy can impact our Earth. Equally, we will identify how common practice of farming, irrigation, destruction of habitats, and current power sources are harmful to our planet on a much larger scale than we know. Led by designLab faculty member Kimberly Gerardi, this foundational look at Earth Science may ignite our students to make more informed choices when selecting healthy foods, using plastic bags, chemicals, and help them spread the word on saving our planet.


Imagine a place where you can meet new people, have fun and learn something entirely new such as … Creating an interactive canvas with conductive paint, using clean energy to build a green environment, and designing furniture with modern fabrication equipment. designLab Camps offer seven inventive programs for grades 5-12. The programs take place in St. Luke’s designLab—a new 3,500 square foot space for exploration. Here, problems become projects and challenges are transformed into solutions. Thinkers become makers and along the way, ideas take shape, empowering students to go beyond screens and into real-world applications. designLab features nine 3D printers, a CO2 laser cutter, small and large CNC routers, and a brand new, fully-stocked woodshop. designLab offers a flexible environment where the physical space adapts to user needs. It comes equipped with plenty of whiteboard space and post-it notes for brainstorming—a critical step in idea generation and problem solving.

Science camp,  STEM, engineering, app design, environment and clean energy exploration, high tech art ... What will you innovate this summer?

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