Humanities Seminar: Putin Versus the World

How the rise of Vladimir Putin put Russia on a collision course with Ukraine - and the world.

For rising 9th-12th grade students: In this 4-day seminar, students will explore Putin’s rise from Soviet KGB agent to one of the most powerful figures in global politics. By studying his incremental but deliberate expansion of power, both domestically and abroad, students will understand Putin’s long-game mentality.

The widespread use of violence and coercion as legitimate tools of politics have had disturbing consequences for Russia and the world. We’ll examine the current war in Ukraine as a manifestation of this political tactic and contextualize Putin’s actions as part of a larger, historic trend. Putin’s war in Chechnya, the Republic of Georgia, and annexation of Crimea are vivid examples of how his past behavior has informed the 2022 Ukraine invasion.

Students will also explore the backbone of the Ukrainian resistance movement, considering how, from Bayraktar TB2 Drones and Javelin missiles to Tiktok, President Zelensky and Ukrainians have inflicted heavy casualties on Russian troops.

More broadly, this seminar will give students an opportunity to study the full impact of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, as well as its future implications.
Abby Abbott

August 15-18 [Mon-Thurs], 2022
(Rising 9th-12th graders)

COST: $350
Space is limited.

Please contact Hunter Martin with questions regarding the workshop.

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