Summer at St. Luke's

Humanities Seminar: Russia

Abby Abbott

St. Luke’s is pleased to announce the latest installment of its Summer Humanities Seminars. This two-week summer class, led by Upper School History teacher Abby Abbott, allows students to take a deep dive into timely humanities subjects that push beyond the classic high school curriculum.
The Summer Humanities Seminars are blended classes with the first week comprising asynchronous activities that students can complete at their own pace and the second week bringing students and faculty together via Zoom for virtual lessons and discussions.
These courses will introduce college-level discussion format and work to improve students’ writing and reading comprehension. This course is for rising St. Luke's 9th-12th graders. 

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August 10-13

Week 1: Asynchronous
August 3-7
Online readings, video lectures, online discussions, and a short paper to be completed at the student's own pace between Aug. 3 - 9. 

Week 2: Zoom
August 10-13

COST: $350
Space is limited.

If you have any questions, please contact Abby Abbott.

Return of the Czar: Putin’s Rise from Obscurity to Absolute Power
After being handpicked from the KGB by Russian oligarchs to become prime minister, Vladimir Putin leveraged both the Chechen insurgency and Yeltsin’s failing health to position himself as the most powerful man in Russia. Following Boris Yeltsin’s resignation in 1999, Putin stepped in to fill the presidential vacancy and then systematically marginalized, jailed, or exiled the oligarchs that initially backed him. After nearly two decades Putin is still firmly in power and won the 2018 presidential election with almost 80% of the popular vote. This four-day seminar will examine the ways in which Putin has bent democracy to his suit his own needs by taking a close look at the specific tactics used to propagate his unique blend of Czarist absolutism and Stalinist cult of personality—both cloaked in violence. 

If you have any questions, please contact Abby Abbott.

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