What's Happening in the Middle School?

Middle School Awards

V Parker
In the midst of Field Day and the talent show, there was a pause to reflect on some student accomplishments during the Middle School Awards ceremony. The four awards presented were the Service Award, Academic Growth Award, Emil Bucci Character Award, and Junior Loyalty Cup.

Sam Stevelman ‘23 received the Middle School Service Award. As Acting Head of Middle School Gareth Fancher said during the presentation, “The Middle School Service Award is presented to the student who, in the opinion of the faculty, has consistently demonstrated the highest principles and ideals of the School’s mission: The commitment to serve and the confidence to lead. The recipient must demonstrate initiative, ambition, and leadership while making valuable contributions to the daily life of others that clearly surpasses what is expected.” Fancher shared how Sam has done so much “from organizing food drives to bringing groups of classmates to Inspirica to arranging representatives of New Covenant House to speak to our 8th grade to organizing Autism Awareness tennis clinics.” This is the second time Sam has won this award.

The Academic Growth Award went to Jack Silverman. Fancher shared that the recipient’s “determination, desire, resilience, perseverance, and curiosity always keep the intellectual flame burning. Conscientious, prepared, proactive, a self-advocate who takes risks both in the classroom as well as on and off the stage, he’s learning to apply his vast wealth of information, curiosity, and unique passions to new and creative ways of thinking and seeing the world.”

There were two recipients of the Emil Bucci Character Award: Macy Millones and Peter Cioffi. This Middle School Excellence in Character Award was named after Mr. Bucci who retired from teaching after 31 year of service to St. Luke's. It is given to students who consistently live by the tenants of the St. Luke’s Honor Code of honesty, kindness, respect, and responsibility. As Fancher shared, “Each recipient has been described as pure joy - a gift to the classroom. They are enthusiastic, dedicated, curious, engaged, creative, honest, kind with a thirst for mastering concepts, and an instinct for finding deeper meaning.” He continued, “Quiet leaders, unfailingly respectful, caring and compassionate, mature, reliable, and blazing lights of integrity who genuinely desire to make the world a better place. Authentic and uninhibited, the strength of their leadership and character is unquestioned. They are role models even when no one is looking and always inspiring us to be our best selves.”

The Junior Loyalty Cup was awarded to Cessa Lewis. This award is given to the 7th or 8th grade student whose leadership and loyalty to the school is, in the opinion of the faculty, is an all-around outstanding Middle School. Fancher said, “This year's recipient is the real deal, a rockstar who encompasses every trait this award celebrates. With a strong sense of duty, right and wrong seasoned with a dash of humility, and sensitivity to others, this year’s Loyalty Cup winner has been a remarkably steady beacon for others to follow when the turbulent waters of Middle School rise.

Brimming with insight, enthusiasm and a love of learning, this student goes above and beyond in the classroom, on the stage, and on the playing fields. She is an incredible role model to her younger peers, as well as thoughtful, funny, and hard-working. She is an inspiration to us all.”
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