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The World Needs Your Idea

When making the world better is your motivation, there are no small ideas—only young ones waiting to be developed. And young ideas can make a huge difference when given the time and space to grow. That time is January 18-19 and the place is St. Luke’s Hackathon 2020.
What’s a Hackathon? It’s a combination of the words “hack” and “marathon.” Hack refers to creating innovative solutions and marathon refers to a big block of time devoted to making your ideas better.
St. Luke’s Hackathon challenges students to “Find a way to make the world a little better—for humanity, yourself, your dog or a random stranger. All you need to do is identify a problem, begin imagining how to solve it, and you're well on your way to hacking.”
“It’s a magical moment when someone realizes, I am not just someone who consumes things, I am a creator.” ~ Michael Mitchell, St. Luke’s designLab Director

To get a quick grasp of what St. Luke’s Hackathon is like and why it’s for everyone (not just STEM kids), go to the Hackathon webpage. There you can watch a video of a recent event and learn about the school’s connection with the amazing Prospector Theater. The Prospector is a movie theater that provides meaningful employment to adults with disabilities. Prospector employees will kick off the Hackathon by sharing how they make the world a little better and where they could use a little help (see video below). Participants will decide whether to work on a Prospector challenge or their own ideas.
This incredible learning experience and confidence builder is open to any student at any school in grades 5-12. No experience needed—just bring your curiosity. Parents come watch and be wowed. Or sign up to be a Hackathon mentor or volunteer.


Read more: Hackathon 2020: Make it Better by St. Luke’s designLab Director Michael Mitchell

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