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MS Artwork of the Week: Nate Samelson '26, Sam Thomas '26, Parker Toohey '27, Ethan Dicker '27, and Luke Riley '27

Nancy Sarno
Congratulations Nate and Sam who used the Turtle Art program to make a movie of a line being drawn from one iPad to another. This took a lot of thinking and coding on their part, and it was a wonderful thing to see them make it happen! Turtle Art is a program that uses coding to draw simple or complex designs, and is made for children or people of any age to learn coding. It's fun, and not always that easy.

Congratulations to Parker Toohey, Luke Riley, and Ethan Dicker for making the wild marble run. It is a very involved operation that starts on an elevated platform such as a shelf, and ends on the floor in a detached receptacle. They took a long time designing and putting it together, and it went through many pretty drastic changes. But it ended up being quite impressive because of its complexity and perhaps partly because of its resilience!

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