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MS Artwork of the Week: Ginny Caceres '24, Chad Ruggiero '24

Haley Wulfman
Congratulations to Ginny Caceres '24 and Chad Ruggiero '24 on winning Artwork of the Week!

There is so much to see in Ginny’s painting - the carefully mapped out black and white background space, the quick, intersecting splattered areas of silver, gold, and bronze, the word “HUMANS” on bold display in the middle… Additionally, Ginny’s piece expresses deep meaning on the topic of equity and inclusion. She expresses a critical message for all to appreciate: that all people matter equally — all people are HUMAN.

Chad has been eager to create artwork involving his passion for cars, and the 8th grade painting unit presented the perfect opportunity. 
Viewers are positioned to look up from a low angle at the sporty racecar on display...at the soft values and forms he's used his brush create...at the deep contrast dark-to-light in a monochromatic color scheme, and we're captivated! Early on in the unit Chad devoted himself to developing new skills in painting, working tirelessly class after class to cultivate his technical expertise. t's easy to see - Chad's painting is a masterpiece!

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