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St. Luke’s Online Phone Directory: An Invaluable Resource

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the entire Coronavirus experience, it’s that the St. Luke’s community is agile and adaptable. With our Parent Coffee (September 15 at 10:00am) moved to Zoom and limited campus access for parents, we have an opportunity to move away from printed directories and get everyone fully acquainted with our outstanding online telephone directory.

But don’t panic! The online directory is fully printable (directions below) and St. Luke’s will print out copies for anyone who does not have access to a printer or needs assistance. 

Coming next week: We’ll share a video tutorial highlighting how to easily navigate the online directory—including how to save a directory to your cell phone homescreen for easy access.

As regular online directory users already know, the online directory offers:
  • Access to the most current information available, since our online directory is continuously updated as additional information or updates come in. 
  • Availability to connect from any cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer by logging into your MySLS account.
  • Filtered views to show you just the information you need with options to sort by name, grade, department or town. 
  • Environmental advantages: trees love our online directory.
Parent Feedback Maximizes Value

The online directory has been available for many years, but it is always being improved to offer the best user experience. This summer, the Parents’ Association was approached with the idea of moving online and offered excellent ideas for maximizing value for parents. IT Director Eleanor Page said, “All the suggestions offered up are very worthwhile and something we can begin implementing later this fall.” These enhancements include dedicated directories for locating Class Deans, Administrators, Department Heads and the Parents’ Association’s Executive Board. In the meantime, this information will be available on the Resource Board.

You can also access our Administration, Faculty and Staff, and Parents’ Association Roster and it can also be found on the Resource Page and School Essentials.

Remember, if you like having a printed directory, directions are found below. But we will leave you with this plea from Samantha Bauer, president of St. Luke’s Sustainability Club and inspiration for environment-friendly practices:

"Before printing, everyone should think and then decide if they absolutely need it printed. By reducing our use of paper, we keep trees alive, lower pollution and save energy. Together, we are helping make the environment more sustainable."
 - Samantha Bauer ‘23, Founder of St. Luke’s Sustainability Club 


If you have any questions or feedback about accessing the online directory, or if you need St. Luke’s to print a copy to send home with your child, please contact Christine Costello at costelloc@stlukesct.org

If you need to update your contact information in the directory, please email websiteupdates@stlukesct.org.


Where Is the Online Directory? How do I print?   

While the online directory is an excellent source of information, we know that some people prefer printed copies to keep at home or in the car. Once you are logged in, you can easily print the full directory, or just the grade, town or faculty list you are looking for. Just follow these simple steps (and stay tuned for a video tutorial coming soon).

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