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SLS PA: Sharing Family Traditions and Values

On December 15th, the Mosaic group had our first Virtual Family Night. It was a night
where SLS families from different backgrounds could come together, learn from one another,
and interact with each other through listening, games and activities. While it was different from
most events we’ve hosted in the past, being virtual definitely did not rain on our parade!

We kicked off the night by listening to music from around the world as families were
joining Zoom. We then engaged in a fun activity called Pass the Mic. It was an exciting twist
on a meet and greet exercise, where each family had the opportunity to introduce themselves and
share a piece of information on their family lineage with the rest of the group. After finishing our
introductions, we then had four families, also a part of the Mosaic community, share with us
information about their holiday traditions, such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, and
Gurpurab. Through this exercise, the Mosaic group was able to learn about the different holiday
traditions and celebrations that are observed by their peers. As the night continued, everyone on
the call was placed in breakout rooms. In each room, the groups voluntarily shared in listening
circles, where they shared stories about their individual family’s celebrations and traditions.
Finally, no game night is complete without a little friendly competition. It was time to put
everyone’s knowledge to the test, and we put together a game of Kahoot! based on different
cultural holidays and traditions, some of which were discussed throughout the night.

All in all, the Mosaic family night brought each family closer together, as it not only
recognized cultural differences, but also highlighted similarities in family traditions and values.
We look forward to having more interactive nights like these in the future, both in person and

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