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Cast & Crew of “Bethel Park Falls” Meet with Playwright

This spring, St. Luke’s Upper School Drama is putting on the production of Bethel Park Falls, directed by Dale D. Griffa. The play follows residents in the fictional town of Bethel who are facing a crisis: Their beloved park is being sold. The locals grapple with the loss of jobs, homes, and spouses but find love, courage, and forgiveness as the park is magically transformed,  experiencing four seasons in a single day.  
As the cast and crew members gear up for opening night on Friday, April 30, they had an incredible opportunity to dive deep into their characters, the set design, and the production decisions with none other than the expert behind Bethel Park Falls, playwright Jason Pizzarello.

Pizzarello answered students’ questions about specific characters, the play’s setting, why all production directions were visible to the audience, and how he chose the park. When asked his inspiration for writing the play, Pizzarello shared, “I often go to parks, and I spend a lot of time in nature; it’s a rejuvenating place for me. I’m interested in how different community members can connect in that one place and to the bigger world. You meet people in a park that you wouldn’t meet otherwise.”

During the conversation, Pizzarello not only shared his interest in watching St. Luke’s perform, but also left them with some advice. “The characters are all pretty grounded, shared Pizzarello. But you should feel free to make bigger choices with them.”

St. Luke’s Upper School Theater will perform Bethel Park Falls in the Be Kind Plaza at St. Luke’s on Friday, April 30 and Saturday, May 1, at 7:00pm (Rain Date: Sunday, May 2, at 7:00pm). Stay tuned for additional details for viewing.

Watch the video of St. Luke’s Bethel Park Falls cast and crew with Pizzarello below.


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