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Scholars Symposium Videos: Watching an Exceptional Education at Work

In late April, 25 seniors showcased their mastery-level research and presentation skills during the annual St. Luke’s Scholars Symposium.

The senior scholars presented in one of three categories: Global, Classical, or STEM.

Click here to see recordings of all of the 2021 Senior Scholars presentations.

This year’s scholars and topics include:
  • Hanaa Ahmar – Yemen’s Continued Humanitarian Crisis: No End in Sight (Global)
  • Zach Amendola – A Mathematical Analysis of COVID-19 (STEM)
  • Jack Briggs – Navigating Unmapped Spaces Using Low-Cost Stereo SLAM (STEM)
  • Marguerite DeMarco – Clytemnestra: The Woman With a “Man-Strong Heart” (Classical)
  • Brian Douglas  & Jonathan Hobson – Manipulating Microphones with Lasers: Photic Signal Injection (STEM)
  • Chase Fredriksen-Isaacs – A Comprehensive Analysis of Prognostic, Diagnostic, and Predictive Biomarkers in Glioma (STEM)
  • Blake Haden – Removing Microplastics: A Non-Invasive Watercraft Filter (STEM)
  • Rex Jensen & Tigerlily Jensen – Optimizing Strategies and Evaluating Luck vs. Skill in Guts Poker (STEM)
  • Abby Johnson – A Tool or a Weapon? The Implications of Artificial Intelligence Reliance Globally (Global)
  • Elyse Kim – A Delicate Balance: Protecting Global Press Freedom of Speech Amid Cultural and Political Turmoil (Global)
  • Jack Laibe – Bending Reality: Politics, Media, and Authoritarianism (Global)
  • Pierce Leclerc – Engineering a Cheap, Safe, and Practical Alternative to High-End Electric Prosthetic Arms (STEM)
  • Doron Loewenberg – Slam Dunk: Why the NBA’s Expansion Into Africa Could Be a Huge Win (Global)
  • Moli Ma – Blood-Soaked Clothes: Exploitation and Accountability in the Global Garment Industry (Global)
  • Bella Martino – Popping Off: The Impact of Popular Culture on Global Media and Politics (Global)
  • Cate Mathews – Gut Feeling: An Exploration of the Environmental Triggers of Celiac Disease (STEM)
  • Danielle Nares & Ping Ryan - Prototyping an Economical Kidney-Perfusing Transport Device (STEM)
  • Liam Patty – Software Assisted Web Navigation via Web Scraping and Machine Learning for Symbol Identification (STEM)
  • Drew Priore – Developing a Shoulder Injury Prevention Shirt for Football Players (STEM)
  • Caroline Ross – Africa’s Hidden Epidemic: How Malaria Mitigation and Prevention Are Attainable Despite Increased Climate Change (Global)
  • Nick Rutigliano – Future Applications of Compliant Mechanisms (STEM)
  • Emma Seel – Damming the Mekong River: National Interest & Environmental Catastrophe (Global)

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