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St. Luke’s Thespie Awards: And the Award Goes To…

On Thursday, May 27, St. Luke’s Theater Arts Department held its 14th Annual Thespian Awards, known as the “The Thespies,” to honor the theatrical accomplishments of the cast, crew, and even a few parents who helped make the theater shine. 
Kicking off the awards show, St. Luke’s Director of Theater Arts John Conners shared: “I would like to give a special shout out to Dawn Fuller, Leo Mahler, Joshua Schneider, Erika Shevchek, Kirstie Tobler, and Ty Wieland for all their help with theater this year and today’s awards. And special kudos go to the students being honored today.”
The 2020-2021 Thespian Award Recipients
Rising Star:  Emme DeMaio ‘27, Hannah Johnson ‘24
The Rookie: Arjan Kocher ‘26, Myles Sead ‘23
Best Group Performance:
Lexi Brady ‘25 & Anna Yavenditti ‘25, How D’ya Do and Shake Hands, Respice    
Adrian Antonioli ‘21, as Don, and Liana Seale ‘21, as Dawn, All in the Timing 
Technical Excellence: Brian Douglas ‘21
The Gallimaufry (for versatility): Jillian Fisher ‘21
Best Character Performance:
Alex Shaplen ‘27, as Aiden Samuels, The Exceptional Childhood Center
Cam Tyler ‘21, as Cliff, Bethel Park Falls 
Best Stage Manager: Jack Laibe ‘21
Best Design:
Alden McWhorter ‘27, Editing for Respice
Liz Fleischer ‘22, Costume Design for The Exceptional Childhood Center
Best Solo Performance in a Musical:
Faith Creary ‘25, Run and Tell That, Respice
(tie) Cessa Lewis ‘23, as Miri, The Theory of Relativity
(tie) Will Stamoulis ‘22, as Ryan, The Theory of Relativity
The Golden Wrench (next year's Student Technical Director):
Ryan DeFilippo ‘22
Best Performance in a Play:
Sawyer Woodruff ‘25, as Susan Crawford, The Exceptional Childhood Center
Leila Pearson ‘21, as Lily, Bethel Park Falls
Drama Mama Award: Liz DeFilippo & Liz Seale
Double Threat Award (at least one season in a cast and a crew):
Aisha Memon ‘21, Ginny Caceres ‘24, Sawyer Woodruff ‘25
Thespian Award (every season this year):
Caroline Sproule ‘27, Brian Douglas ‘21, Jillian Fisher ‘21, Jack Laibe ‘21, Moli Ma ‘21, Aisha Memon ‘21, Leila Pearson ‘21, Liana Seale ‘21, Cam Tyler ‘21, Daniel Clavelli ‘22, Ryan Defilippo ‘22, Sam Bauer ‘23, Jack Silverman ‘23, Liv Woodruff ‘23, Joe Derr ‘24, Hannah Johnson ‘24
8th Grade Achievement (at least one show each eligible MS year):
Lexi Brady, Jack Chuhta, Faith Creary, Ali DeFilippo, Juliet Geraci, Jessica Heine, Reese Kubick, Maggie Lange, Anna Yavenditti
Senior Achievement Award (at least one show each US year):
Adrian Antonioli, Shane Carbin, Marguerite DeMarco, Brian Douglas, Jillian Fisher, Jack Laibe, Doron Loewenberg, Moli Ma, Bella Martino, Aisha Memon, Leila Pearson, Liana Seale, Cam Tyler, Claire Watson

Click here to see photos from the awards ceremony.

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