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Sustainability Club Launches Website

By: Samantha Bauer ‘23
Over the past few months, the Sustainability Club has created a website that shares helpful information about climate change and sustainability. We have accumulated links to resources, such as 350.org, an educational news source on climate change co-founded by Bill Mckibben; Greta Thunberg’s No One is Too Small To Make a Difference; and National Geographic's “How Your T-Shirt Can Make a Difference.” 

The hope is to create conversations and acknowledge that there are numerous aspects of climate change. We believe the best way for us to learn is to work together. On our web page, we also post opportunities for people to get involved, including hands-on activities and events that promote sustainable nonprofits and brands. Members of the club have already participated in events, such as the Trout Unlimited’s River Cleanup, where they witnessed astonishing amounts of litter in the Norwalk River. The web page will update people on new opportunities to do something good for the environment. 

“We’re not going to solve climate change alone,” commented State Senator Will Haskell in our meeting with him in April 2021. When we had the honor of meeting with Senator Haskell, he encouraged the club members to keep educating themselves and staying up to date on new climate change legislation. In order to “transition our economy towards a 21st-century green infrastructure,” he mentioned the Transportation and Climate Initiative, which is a cap-and-invest program to reduce the amount of pollution created by the transportation of gasoline. With this program, Connecticut’s carbon pollution will be reduced by 26% in 10 years. A small state like Connecticut will not be able to solve climate change by itself, which is why it is important that Connecticut worked with Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Washington D.C. to push this bill. Not only would it reduce carbon pollution in Connecticut, but it also brings in money to improve public transportation and transition people to electric vehicles. The Sustainability Club wants to spread information about bills like the Transportation and Climate Initiative to help make our community a cleaner environment. 

As we continue to learn about climate change and the actions we can take, the Sustainability Club wanted to create a way to share our findings. Through our website, we can learn and grow as a community!   

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