St. Luke’s 2017 Scholars Symposium

V. Parker
On April 20, twenty-one St. Luke’s seniors gave their Scholars program presentations during the school’s annual Scholars Symposium. Students represented the three fields of scholarship: Classical Scholars (an enriched study of Latin and Greek), Global Scholars (analysis of a global issue and extensive language study), and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  

“St. Luke’s Scholars are the School’s mission come to life,” said Head of School Mark Davis. In his blog he wrote: “These students develop a topic, execute a research plan, put forth a thesis, draft an extensive research paper and present their findings in public. They become experts and that’s learning that lasts.”

Faculty advisors work one-on-one with scholars throughout the year and as they prepare for their final presentations. On April 20, Director of Studies Jim Yavenditti welcomed parents to the Scholars Symposium and kicked off the evening of presentations:

Kelly Adams, STEM Scholar:
Psychological Cause and Effect: The Correlation Between Self Esteem and Risk of Panic Attacks

Natalie Bachman, Global Scholar:
A Catching Problem: Infectious Disease Prevention and Control in West Africa

David Ball, Global Scholar:
The Future of Energy: The Economic and Environmental Potential of Solar Power

Brittany Barton, STEM Scholar:
Using Pixy Camera for Robotic Object Recognition

Porter Bowman, Global Scholar:
Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Renewed Push for Scottish Independence in a Post-Brexit Europe

Gabriella Finley, STEM Scholar:
Psychological Cause and Effect: The Correlation Between Self Esteem and Risk of Panic Attacks

Mark Forese, Classical Scholar:
The Classical Crusade: A Quest for the Legend of the Holy Grail

Jack Hobbs, Global Scholar:
Hollywood v. Hengdian: The Closing Cinematic Schism between Occident and Orient

Colette Juran, STEM Scholar:
Investigating Galaxy Formation Throughout the Evolution of the Universe

Alexa Karp, STEM Scholar:
Optimizing Spherification Through Chemical Tuning

Luke Martocchio, STEM Scholar:
Machine Learning: Creating a Self-Programmed Board Game Expert

Paul Mercedes, Classical Scholar:
From Temples to Camps: Roman Military Medicine

Ryan Murphy, Global Scholar:
From JV to Jihad's MVP: An Analysis of the Rise, Ideology, and Future of the Islamic State

Georgia Nelson, Classical Scholar:
Institutionalized Sexism in Roman Rhetoric

Ella Pepper, Global Scholar:
Who's Watching Whom: The International Effects of Hacking and Data Breaches Post 9/11

Zoe Smith, Global Scholar:
Acting as a Cure: Therapeutic Theatre for Victims of Trauma and War

Ian Smith, STEM Scholar:
Discovering Vulnerabilities in Deeper Software Logic with a Hybrid Approach

Jared Soltys, STEM Scholar:
Determining and Controlling Genetic Luminescence via CRIPSR/Cas9

Alexa Vogel, Global Scholar:
Skewing our View: How the Lense of Social Media Changes our Internal Field of Vision

Lily Williams, Classical Scholar:
An Examination of Damnatio Memoriae in the Roman Empire

Paul Woodberry, Global Scholar:
China: The Transition from Coal to Renewable Energy

Back Row L to R: Alexa Vogel, Gabriella Finley, Alexa Karp, Georgia Nelson, Ella Pepper, Natalie Bachman, Brittany Barton, Lily Williams, Kelly Adams, Zoe Smith, Colette Juran Front Row L to R: Ryan Murphy, Jared Soltys, Mark Forese, David Ball, Porter Bowan, Luke Martocchio, Paul Woodberry, Paul Mercedes, Ian Smith, Jack Hobbs
(Photo by Desiree Smock)

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