Unforgettable Field Trip to 9/11 Memorial

V. Parker
From History Teacher Sarah Westerberg:

Early Monday September 18, 8th grade students and faculty boarded a bus bound for New York City to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Each school year, the 8th grade history classes explore the causes and effects of the September 11 attacks. While the students capture oral histories from people they know and use interactive timelines to learn about that tragic day, nothing compares to visiting the site where it all happened. Previous 8th grade students have found this trip to be one of their most memorable and powerful Middle School memories.

Our trip began with us descending below ground level to see the original foundation and footprint of the World Trade Center where memorial pools have since been built. We then saw artifacts—from a mangled firetruck to “missing” posters of victims of the attack to the Survivors’ Staircase—all before reaching the entrance to the historical exhibit. This exhibit guided us through the timeline of events, the causes of the attacks and the aftereffects around the world. Our students and faculty alike were moved by what we saw as events of that day were vividly presented. As we were leaving, students engaged in conversations about new information they’ve learned, sights they saw and digested how they felt about it all. Next was the Memorial Room where we learned about each of the 2,977 people who perished that day through family testimonials.

We were met by a beautiful day as we exited the museum, a stark contrast to the overcast skies and drizzle when we entered. We spent our last moments at the location walking around the area as we reflected on our shared experience from this unforgettable field trip.

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