Mandarin Students Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

V. Parker
From Chinese Teacher Jingjing Lai Laoshi:

St. Luke’s students studying Chinese had fun celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival this week.

This festival celebrates when the moon is believed to be at its biggest and fullest. To Chinese people, a full moon is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and family reunion. The Mid-Autumn Festival is the time for family reunion, when the whole family get together to eat mooncakes, drink tea, appreciate the moon, and play games.

The students watched videos, played puzzles and games to help learn about the customs and legends of the festival. Everyone was very excited to play a traditional dice game called “bo bing”, which means “gamble for the cake!” They drank Chinese tea and tasted mooncakes including traditional flavors of red bean, hami melon, and green tea. It was a great opportunity for students to practice their Chinese through festival games and activities.

Culture plays an important part in learning a language. Participating in these Chinese activities helps students develop both language and cultural appreciation in interesting and accessible ways.

View the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival photo gallery.

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