Award-Winning Poet Visits 5th Grade

From 5th Grade Teacher Jane Olsen:

On October 10 and 11, award-winning poet Andrew Green met with St. Luke’s 5th graders for a poetry workshop. Andrew has been coming to St. Luke’s annually since 2003, inspiring our 5th graders to discover the magic and power of poetic language and their own voices. In engaging, interactive workshops, Green shared his personal creative process with the students, while also guiding them to plumb their own perceptions and experiences to craft unique individual poems.  He has an exceptional gift for eliciting poignant, playful, and deeply personal writing from the children, at the same time showing them how to craft and hone their language, making it vivid and arresting. At the end of the two-day experience, the 5th graders gathered in the Black Box theater for an enthusiastic sharing time.  

Green is a writer, poet and teacher. In 1995 he founded Potato Hill Poetry to provide support and resources to teachers and students as they create and appreciate poetry together.

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