Lunch & Lead with Science Writer Geri Clark

From Carolina Warneryd ‘19

On October 12, The Center for Leadership had its first Lunch & Lead of the year with science writer, Cornell graduate and St. Luke’s parent Geri Clark. Ms. Clark discussed what she does in her work and how she decided on her profession before leading a question and answer session with students and faculty.

There were a variety of memorable takeaways as we listened to Ms. Clark emphasize the difficulty of promoting scientific discoveries in a digital age where people can choose what news they want to read. She cited a study with alarming statistics showing that a large percentage of those interviewed think science is either unimportant, boring or too difficult to understand. Ms. Clark explained that she and many other science writers are working hard to combat this problem by making science accessible to the public. When she talks to scientists, she asks them to speak to her as if she were a “smart twelve-year old,” which helps them to realize that in order for people to get excited about science, it has to be easy to understand. Asked about her favorite subject to report on, Ms. Clark promptly responded “Animals and bugs.”

This CLF Lunch & Lead was also promoted by the Women in STEM Education (WISE) club. We’re so grateful to Ms. Clark helping us get the Lunch & Lead series off to such a great start.

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