LiveGirl Leadership Summit Features St. Luke’s Sophomores

V. Parker
From Director of Character Education Kate Parker-Burgard:

On Friday, December 8, sophomores Phoebe Kurth and Kayleigh Bowler stood in front of a group of middle school students at the LiveGirl Leadership Summit to present a workshop on kindness. Phoebe has been volunteering with LiveGirl since freshman year and so the opportunity to be able to lead a workshop was  particularly exciting.

Phoebe and Kayleigh took charge of their portion of the evening and decided to have the girls create "Kindness Bags." Each girl made a bag with their names on it and then they wrote kind messages to one another and put them in the bags. Phoebe and Kayleigh were touched that some of the girls put messages in their bag, which they had put together as an example.  

Sheri West, Founder and Chief of LiveGirl said, "They did a great job with their presentation. There were big smiles and tons of positive energy. You would have been proud." Phoebe found the participants were really engaged with the activity and had a lot of kind things to say to each other. "As for my bag," she said, "it gave me a sense of warmth to read what they had written to me. It brightened up my day."

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