Our Hilltop campus is closed, but learning continues with SLS@Home.
St. Luke's Mission: An exceptional education that inspires a deep love of learning, a strong moral compass, the commitment to serve and the confidence to lead.

Though the Coronavirus and campus closings have been a challenge to all of us, St. Luke's is holding tight to our mission and the strength that comes from staying connected as a community.

St. Luke's Distance Learning plan is at the heart of St. Luke's at Home—our plan to deliver on our promise of an exceptional education right in each student's home. 
(Details below)

St. Luke's Distance Learning Plan (DLP) was created by a team of educators including teachers and academic technologists. We are forever grateful to One Schoolhouse who vetted our plan and to the Global Online Academy —both offered generous goodwill and wise guidance.

Students in grades 5-12 are in "real school." Every class uses a combination of videoconferencing through Zoom and independent projects where students collaborate, get feedback, and learn outside of those live classes.

Distance learning means giving students more independence, choice, and responsibility for their learning. Teachers are continuously looking for ways to help students keep connected. Social-Emotional Learning check-ins are also used to help students regulate their emotions in a time of uncertainty. Additionally, students meet with their Advisories twice per week where Advisors offer support, encourage sharing and flag any issues.

Periodically, academic leaders gather feedback from students and faculty on how the distance learning plan is working and make adjustments as needed. The goal of the plan is to offer students structure, uninterrupted access to their teachers and peers, and meaningful learning.

St. Luke's Distance Learning Plan's guiding principles: 

  • Put your own and your family’s health and emotional needs first.
  • Continue your dedication to learning.
  • Stay connected to your teachers and friends to maintain our sense of SLS community.

The full plan is linked below: 


St. Luke’s School is a secular private school in New Canaan, CT for grades 5 through 12 serving 25 towns in Connecticut and New York. Our exceptional academics and diverse co-educational community foster students’ intellectual and ethical development and prepare them for top colleges. St. Luke’s Center for Leadership builds the commitment to serve and the confidence to lead.