After School Sports & Activities

Co-curriculars offer important and rewarding experiences for students and are central to St. Luke’s community-building. We know firsthand that students engaged in the co-curricular program have greater levels of personal and leadership growth, empathy development, and social connectedness. We are committed to providing the most robust co-curricular experiences possible in each of the three SLSReady Scenarios.

Scenario 1


  • Activities & MS Sports   3:10-3:55pm
    • Bus departs at 4:10pm
  • US Sports   4:00-5:55pm
    • Bus departs at 6:10pm

Scenario 2

Hilltop & Home

Students participate in on-campus co-curriculars only on days they attend academic courses in person

  • MS Activities & MS Sports 3:10-4:10pm (alternating weeks)
    • Bus departs at 4:15pm
  • US Activities & US Sports 3:15-5:15pm (alternating weeks)
    • Bus departs at 5:30pm
  • Remote co-curricular activity connections vary by division and activity during at-home week

Scenario 3

St. Luke's at Home

  • No in-person co-curricular activities
  • Zoom and asynchronous activity connections vary by division and activity

Participation Policy

If families elect not to send their student to campus for the academic day when campus is open, that student will not be permitted to participate in on-campus co-curricular activities. As a result of this policy, we removed the requirement to participate in co-curricular activities in the fall and spring seasons (winter was already optional) during this time of COVID disruption. 

Until further notice, students have the choice of joining a co-curricular activity or opting out. If you need to make a change to a co-curricular activity, please communicate that change to the appropriate divisional Dean’s office. 

Once the activity begins for each season, please plan for full participation and avoid opting out of certain aspects of the activity (e.g., performance in a show or interscholastic contest). This full commitment allows activity leaders to ensure a robust experience for all participants. 


All clubs will continue with either in-person or online activities in accordance with the academic schedule. All meetings will be supervised by the advisor and, when meeting in person, use physical distancing protocols.


Interscholastic Sports
The St. Luke’s athletic interscholastic experience is informed by local and state guidelines, along with the guidance and seasonal impacts as outlined by the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) and the Fairchester Athletic Association (FAA).

Regardless of our ability to carry out interscholastic competitions, a full set of seasonal sports offerings with engaged coaches and committed students will create opportunities for growth and community-building throughout the school year.

Interscholastic play will be determined as we progress through each season, with priority given to varsity teams. If interscholastic play is not possible, intrasquad contests will be used to create competitive and personal growth opportunities for students when available.

If we move to Scenario 2: Hilltop & Home, in-person practices and team activities will occur during a division’s alternating on-campus week. This supports the core goal of Hilltop & Home to reduce campus density and allow greater physical distancing.

If we are off campus for Scenarios 2 & 3, the following can be expected as opportunities for students to engage in athletics:

Upper School
  • Coaches lead online Zoom to fit the needs of their teams 
  • Coaches share weekly skill/fitness plans
  • Athletic department will work to invite current/former college athletes to participate in team Zoom sessions
  • Drop-in online fitness and yoga sessions will be available

Middle School
  • Coaches share weekly skill/fitness plans
  • Coaches offer Zoom sessions at least every other week

Weight room/Yoga - Both will be offered either in-person or online. All health guideline protocols as outlined by the State of CT will be followed. Remote options will be offered if we move to Scenario 2 or 3.
Additional Safety Precautions
  • Face masks are worn by all coaches and staff at all times
  • Student-athletes will wear face masks to and from the team activity location and when not engaged in strenuous activities (as per CT youth sports guidelines)
  • Student-athletes and coaches will physically distance when not engaged in active play (on team benches, sidelines and during breaks)
  • Teams will not huddle
  • Locker room access will be restricted. No Middle School use of locker rooms will be allowed. Only select Upper School teams will be allowed locker room access (based on equipment and practice location)
  • Temporary changing tents have been placed at each facility for use by Upper School students. Strict guidelines on use of those changing facilities were shared with respective teams
  • Student-athletes will bring their own individual water bottles (no cups or team bottles)
    • Our team water coolers have been outfitted with touchless dispensers at each practice location
  • Shared equipment will be limited to the furthest extent possible (exceptions being game/practice balls, etc.), with any shared equipment being disinfected after each team session
    • No shared pinnies or sport-specific safety gear (ie. helmets, masks, pads)

Spectator Restrictions
We follow all guidelines related to indoor and outdoor gatherings for events scheduled during the academic year.


Practices - Middle School and Upper School conduct practice sessions either on-campus or online according to the academic schedule. Practice sessions follow physical distancing guidelines.



Current seasonal plans adhere to the standard St. Luke’s schedule. Upper School Fall auditions took place in August, and Middle School rehearsals began in September (there are no MS auditions). We plan to produce theater that will minimize the risk to students, our audiences, and our faculty.

Additional Safety Precautions
  • Masks are worn at all times, until guidance on theatrical productions changes.
  • Scripts are digital, with no shared papers.
  • Costumes & make-up are not shared. Costumes are issued at the onset of rehearsal and kept by students for the duration of the production.
  • Temporary changing locations will be identified, with specific protocols for use to be shared with each production by season.
  • All microphones and shared tech equipment are disinfected after each session.

Rehearsals take place either on campus and/or online in accordance with the Scenario in effect at the time.

Live theatrical performances will remain a central part of St. Luke’s Theater, as long as they can be produced safely and in a way that our audiences can enjoy them with minimal risk and concern. To this end, based on current plans for the 2020-2021 academic year, all audiences will be remote. Until large groups are able to congregate indoors, all performances will be online. In the interest of continuing the live communal experience as best we can, we plan to release our productions as either videos or live online events. SLS Theater will continue to innovate and track all trends in theater, offering the most robust experience for our student thespians.


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