An Exceptional Education in Every Scenario

Guided by local and state health officials and our own Task Forces, St. Luke’s has identified three scenarios that will influence our mode of learning and operating as a school during 2020-2021.

SLS began the school year with Scenario 1: On the Hilltop—our Hilltop campus will be open to all students, with classes taking place in person and online. 

As the health environment shifts, St. Luke’s is prepared to shift as well. Depending on conditions, we are ready to move between the scenarios below. Moving from Scenario 1 to 2 or 3 would be the result of increased COVID-19 risk and/or State of Connecticut mandates.

Scenario 1

On the Hilltop

(On Campus + Synchronous)

  • Campus is open to all students
  • Students have synchronous access to classes from home
  • Middle School activities & sports take place between 3:10-3:55pm*
  • Upper School sports take place between 4:00-5:55pm*

Health and Safety protocols will be followed.

*Students need to have been on campus during the academic day to participate in on-campus sports & activities that same day.

Scenario 2

Hilltop & Home

(Hybrid + Synchronous)

  • Campus is open to all 5th & 6th grade students 
  • Middle School (grades 7 & 8) and Upper School students alternate coming to campus every other week to reduce population density and allow greater physical distancing 
  • During their off-campus week, students participate in St. Luke’s Distance Learning Plan
  • During on-campus weeks, Middle School Sports & Activities take place between 3:10-4:10pm 
  • During on-campus weeks, Upper School Sports & Activities take place between 3:15-5:15pm
  • During off-campus weeks, division and activity leaders will provide information about remote co-curricular activities

Scenario 3

St. Luke's at Home

(All Classes Online)

  • Campus is closed due to increased COVID-19 risk, State order, and/or local public health guidance
  • All students participate in St. Luke’s Distance Learning Plan
  • Division and activity leaders will provide information about remote co-curricular activities

List of 3 items.

  • Choice & Flexibility

    St. Luke’s classes have been equipped with new videoconferencing technology to ensure that students learning from home can participate in their classes with peers who are on campus. While campus is open, students will always have the choice to work from home, participating in their classes synchronously (in real time). Students do not need to commit ahead of time to being in classes on campus or online—decisions can be made day by day. We believe this flexibility is critical for families who have different needs and comfort levels, and whose needs and comfort levels might change. The goal is for students to have the best possible experience, no matter what feels “best” to a family at any time. If your child chooses to learn from home for the day, please email before the start of the school day.
  • Growing Online Expertise

    Over the course of several weeks this summer, the entire St. Luke’s faculty committed to enhancing online curriculum and teaching skills through the One Schoolhouse “Designing, Building, & Teaching for Hybrid Learning” training. As Head of Upper School Liz Perry said to the faculty:

    “A great online program focuses on the student’s experience of our courses. This means each teacher doing everything we can to make the student experience intuitive (so it’s easy to navigate,) connected (so it fosters a sense of belonging,) and engaging (so students feel motivated to learn.) Every SLS teacher knows how to do that under ordinary conditions; this course and these expectations ensure we all know how to do it under extraordinary conditions.”
  • Well-Equipped for Agility...And the Future

    St. Luke’s Information Technology Team supports and partners with faculty to ensure we have the right tools to serve teaching and learning on campus and online. They researched, tested and equipped St. Luke’s learning spaces with the best cameras, microphones and distance learning tools available. In addition to the extensive time and expertise the IT team has invested in bringing these tools to the school, this also represents a significant financial investment by St. Luke’s. But it’s an investment we willingly make to provide equitable access to an exceptional St. Luke’s education. The videoconferencing capability allows students who are not on campus—for whatever reason— to Zoom into classrooms in real time and participate along with peers. It also affords the same opportunity—to Zoom into class and teach remotely—to a teacher who is not able to come to campus.

Head of School Mark Davis

At a time such as this, there is no better place to be than St. Luke's. Despite the uncertainties we see in the world around us, families can continue to expect exceptional things from our school.”


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