Choice, flexibility and consistency are the hallmarks of SLSReady—St. Luke's strategy for an exceptional education on campus and online.
St. Luke's sophisticated online capabilities enable students to engage in meaningful learning—and connect with one another—whether campus is open, closed, or somewhere in between.

The Heart of SLSReady

St. Luke's Distance Learning Plan (DLP) was created by a team of educators including teachers and academic technologists. We are grateful to One Schoolhouse who vetted our plan and to the Global Online Academy —both offered generous goodwill and wise guidance.

There are two types of Distance Learning employed in SLSReady:

Synchronous: The class is taking place on campus and online simultaneously. The teachers employ concurrent teaching—adapting their lessons for students physically in the classroom and those participating in real-time from home. Students at home connect via Zoom and can see, hear, speak to and interact with their class thanks to strategically placed web cameras designed for this very purpose. 

Distance Only:  When campus is closed, all classes take place online. The teachers and students connect via Zoom from their homes. The full Distance Learning Plan, including guiding principles and expectations, is linked below: 

Regardless of where students are, we always follow the same weekly schedule which brings a wonderful sense of stability and consistency. For more details, see Director of Studies Jim Yavenditti's walkthrough video of the 2020-2021 Weekly Schedule.  


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