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COVID Communications from St. Luke's

COVID Quarantine Guideline Update (12/16)

Returning to Campus 12/7 (12/3)
Updates to policies and procedures as we return to Scenario 1: On the Hilltop.

Winter Athletics Update (11/25)

A Thanksgiving Message from Mark Davis (11/20)

Extending St. Luke's at Home Through 12/4 (11/9)

Confirmed COVID-19 Case (11/7)

Picking Up Items from Campus (11/6)
Information and sign-up form to gather belongings your child may have left on campus.

St. Luke's at Home 11/9 - 11/13 (11/5)
St. Luke's extends St. Luke's at Home through Friday, 11/13.

Confirmed COVID-19 Case (11/5)

Moving to Scenario 3 (11/4)
St. Luke's will temporarily move to St. Luke's at Home on 11/5 and 11/6. 

Confirmed COVID-19 Case (11/4)

Theater Winter Season (11/4)
Information regarding the winter productions of the SLS US/MS Theater.

Winter Athletics (11/3)
Details regarding the athletics winter season and regulations pertaining to COVID-19.

Confirmed COVID-19 Case (11/2)

A Message from Mark Davis: Holiday Travel (10/30)
Important information regarding travel plans and family gatherings during the holiday season.

Synchronous Learning Policies (10/22)
Important information for what to do if your child is learning from home for the day.

Confirmed COVD Case 10/21 (10/22)

SchoolPass Connectivity Issues (10/21)

A Message from Mark Davis (10/13)
Listen to this important message about the upcoming holiday season and our social contract. 

Confirmed COVID-19 Case 10/5 (10/6)

Confirmed COVID-19 Case (10/3)

Planning Ahead for Winter Break (9/29)

SchoolPass Connectivity Issues (9/23)

Confirmed COVID-19 Case (9/18)

Confirmed COVID Case (9/2)

SchoolPass Wellness Check Back-up Plan (9/1)

SchoolPass Wellness Check Down (8/31)

Confirmed COVID Case (8/30)

Letter: Important Health News (8/28)

Letter: SchoolPass Update from Mark Davis (8/25)

Letters: Wellness Check Info (8/20) & Step-by-Step Instructions (8/22)
From IT Director Eleanor Page

Video: Preview of SLSReady Campus (8/20)

Video: SLSGathers—SLSReady Reopening Plan (8/11)

Letter: St. Luke's Social Contract & Gatherings (7/31)

Letter: Fall Athletics Update

Letter: SLSReady Reopening Plan
Includes Mark Davis video message, SLSReady Reopening Plan PDF, and link to the recording of the 7/23 Drop-In re: the 2020-2021 schedule

Letter: Mark Davis—Start of 2020-2021 School Year

2020-2021 School Communications

Addressing Traffic Concerns: A Message from St. Luke's Director of Safety and Security (3/12)

Reminder SLSGathers Tonight (3/11)

Student Arrival Process (3/10)
Beginning April 5, all students will have a new arrival process when coming to campus. Remember to bring your student ID cards daily.

SLSGathers 3/11 Head of School Search Update (3/9)

US CGL: Anti-Asian Violence (3/8)

SLSGathers 3/11 Head of School Search Update (3/2)

MS Winter CGL (2/23)

Weather Alert: St. Luke's Snow Day Today (2/19)

Planning for Prom (2/18)

Reminder to Watch the Social Dilemma (2/18)

Weather Alert: St. Luke's at Home 2/18 (2/17)

Reminder to Drop-In Tonight (2/17)

Drop-In: Let's Talk About Summer (2/16)

The Social Dilemma (2/11)

Confirmed Calendar Dates (2/9)

Weather Aler: St. Luke's at Home 2/9 (2/8)

Weather Alert: 1-Hr Delay 2/8 (2/7)

Spring Athletics Planning (2/4)

Weather Update: St. Luke's at Home 2/2 (2/1)

Weather Alert for 2/1 (1/31)

St Luke's at Home 1/26 (1/25)

A Message from Mark Davis: Join me for ELC (1/22)

First Semester Report Cards (1/20)

Drop-In Reminder and J-Term Showcase (1/14)

Join Us for the ELC (1/13)

Drop-in 1/14 (1/12)

The Next Generation of Leaders (1/7)

Second Semester Calendar Updates (1/6)

ELC Registration Now Open (12/18)

Happy Holidays Video (12/18)

Caduceus Yearbook Now on Sale (12/17)

Classes Resume on 12/18 (12/17)

St. Luke's at Home 12/17 (12/15)

Drop-In Strategic Planning Process (12/14)

Reminder: Join Nadine Strossen Tonight (12/7)
Save the date, January 30, 2021, for St. Luke's inaugural, virtual, Equity Leadership Conference.

The First Amendment with Nadine Strossen (12/1)
Join us for a discussion and Q&A session on the First Amendment with constitutional law and civil liberties expert Nadine Strossen.

Reminder to Register by 11/19 for Parent-Teacher Conferences (11/17)

Attendance During Power Outages (11/16)
Here's what to do if your household loses power or the internet while we are in St. Luke's at Home.

You're Invited to State of the School 2020 (11/10)
Please join us for this special broadcast event on Thursday, November 19, at 7:00pm. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences (11/4)
Find all the details for parent-teacher conferences: when they're happening, how to register, and who to contact with questions.

Photo Retake Day (10/30)

Fall Academic Reporting (10/28)

Reminder: Drop-In with Mark Davis: Navigating the Election (10/27)

Drop-In with Mark Davis 10/27: Navigating the Election (10/23)

October Events (10/16)
Details for Pink Day, Spirit Week, and Halloween

Cell Tower Update (10/16)

Updated MS Cell Phone and Technology Policies (10/15)

Head of School Search Survey (10/15)

Head of School Search Process (10/9)

Drop-In with Mark Davis 10/15 (10/8)

US Back-to-School Night Recordings (9/29)

Reminder: US Back-to-School Night 9/24 (9/23)

Reminder: Drop-In with Mark Davis (9/23)

A Note from our Board Chairs (9/23)

A Beautiful Sorrow (9/22)
Mark Davis announces his retirement.

MS Back-to-School Night Recordings (9/22)

Back-to-school Nights & 9/23 Drop-In (9/16)

MS Early Dismissal on Fridays (9/11)

Social Media Community Expectations (9/8)

Reminder: Drop-In with Mark Davis (9/3)

Letter: Tomorrow on the Hilltop (8/23—review of Orientation)
From Head of MS Amber Berry and Head of US Liz Perry

Letter: Message from 12th-Grade Deans (8/17)

Letter: Message from 11th-Grade Deans (8/17)

Letter: Message from 10th-Grade Deans (8/17)

Letter: Schedule 8/24-28 for All Students (8/13)

Letter: Important Back-to-School Information (8/7)
(SLSReady, schedules, book orders, one-page calendar, etc.)

St. Luke's COVID Data

Active Cases: 3
People in Quarantine: 7
(as of 4/12/21)

Numbers are updated weekly. The active cases number includes students, faculty, and staff. If someone who has not been on campus reports a positive test result, it will be counted in the active cases total (no communication would be sent to the community because there would be no on-campus exposure).
St. Luke’s School is a secular private school in New Canaan, CT for grades 5 through 12 serving 25 towns in Connecticut and New York. Our exceptional academics and diverse co-educational community foster students’ intellectual and ethical development and prepare them for top colleges. St. Luke’s Center for Leadership builds the commitment to serve and the confidence to lead.