St. Luke's Welcomes Charles Vogl

St. Luke’s invites you to a community-building event focused on forging meaningful, fulfilling connections, and a culture of belonging.
Charles Vogl: Building Campfires
Creating Durable Communities
Saturday, April 1, 2023, 8:30am - 4:00pm (join us for any part of the day)
Whether you are part of an established community, are seeking to create a new one, or simply want to deepen your sense of belonging in the world, Building Campfires will offer time-tested wisdom and tools. Renowned author, strategist, and speaker Charles Vogl will guide us through the principles and distinctions that make teams, colleagues, and communities more resilient and engaged.

Charles Vogl

Strong cultures help people support one another, share their passions, and achieve big goals. Successful communities help members grow into who they want to be. Such communities aren’t just happy accidents – they should be purposefully cultivated in a school, a faith institution, or among friends and enthusiasts.”

About Building Campfires

This day-long event will consist of four interactive sessions - you are welcome to join any or all of them:
  1. Recognizing Durable Communities: We’ll explore the universal features of a healthy community. We’ll also identify ways in which durable communities differ from groups and “mirage communities” which look like communities from a distance but are not.
  2. Extending Invitations: All communities begin with an invitation to spend time together. We’ll examine which invitations lead to meaningful experiences and why many people can’t distinguish an invitation from an announcement.
  3. Understanding the Campfire Principle: Whether your community is tiny or could fill stadiums, you must create “campfire moments” where members have intimate conversations. Campfire experiences knit people together to form caring relationships that distinguish strong communities.
  4. Making 3 am Friends: This session will name the importance of creating and sustaining supportive relationships. These are the most important people in our lives and critical relationships to build for resilience and results.

Event Agenda

Join us - even if you can’t stay the full day.

Registration Check-In & Light Breakfast
Recognizing Durable Communities
15-Minute Break
Extending Invitations
Lunch (provided)
Understanding the Campfire Principle
Making 3 am Friends
Wrap-Up: Action Steps for Building Your Campfires
Who Should Attend Building Campfires? Anyone who belongs to a community. In other words, everyone: Friends, Neighbors, Parents, Grandparents, Teens*, Educators, Artists, Business Leaders. You get the idea—Come one, come all! Let's learn together.

*All are welcome, but due to the workshop format, which requires periods of active listening, the minimum recommended age for attendance is 15.

About Charles Vogl

Charles Vogl is an advisor, speaker, and the author of three books, including Storytelling for Leadership, Building Brand Communities, and the award-winning international bestseller, The Art of Community. He is a strategy advisor to Google’s global health and performance programs and a founding member of the Google Vitality Lab, which works to innovate healing in our era.

His work has been used worldwide within organizations, including Google, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitch, Amazon, ServiceNow,, Wayfair, and the United States Army. Vogl has presented at Harvard, Yale, and Stanford universities, the Academy of Management, and the San Francisco Mayor’s Office. He holds a Master’s in Divinity from Yale, where he studied Religion, Ethics, and Business as a Jessie Ball duPont Foundation Scholar.

Pollyanna, Every Voice Matters

Pollyanna is the liaison for this Charles Vogl Building Campfires workshop and organized Mr. Vogl’s appearance at St. Luke’s School. Pollyanna is a national nonprofit helping academic institutions and corporations achieve diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging goals.

We hope you will join us around the campfire as we learn how to create the durable communities we have envisioned for ourselves and others.
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