The Scholars Program is for students eager to forge their own paths. After identifying a field or topic that fascinates and inspires them, Scholars will begin a deep dive that includes extensive independent research, consultations with faculty mentors and ultimately—a formal presentation of findings during St. Luke's Annual Scholars Symposium. 

Students participating in any of our three programs earn honors distinction. See our story including topics from the 2019 Scholars Symposium. Many Scholars continue their research after graduation. St. Luke's Scholars have won three National Cum Laude Paper awards (three out of three entries).

2020 Scholars Symposium Presentations

Classical Scholars

Participants in the Classical Scholars program undertake an enriched study of Latin and Greek. A senior-year research project, including classical humanities, completes the curriculum. 

Amelia Wyckoff '18 was the Cum Laude Society National Winner for her Classical Scholar paper. This top honor was given to only one student nationwide. Sebastian Bate's '14 has his Classical Scholars essay published in the Concord Review.

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  • 2020 Classical Scholar

    Chris Walsh
    Historicity in Latin Literature: Comparing Two Accounts of the Roman Civil War 

Global Scholars

Seniors selected as Global Scholars complete in-depth analysis of a global issue, extensive language study, and an interdisciplinary capstone project.

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  • 2020 Global Scholars

    Kayleigh Bowler
    The Effects of Microfinance on Communities in Developing Nations 

    Laura Mercedes
    In Fear of Memory: The Compatibility of Genocide Denial and Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe

    Ruth Mercedes
    Enter the Dragon: China’s Strategic Use of the Belt and Road Initiative

    Ally Riley
    Caring for Our Foster Children: A Comparison Between the United States and Kenya

    Ashley Kelley
    How Does One of the Most Populous Countries Support Its People and Economy: An Investigation on the Monopolies That Keep China Afloat 

    Jerry Rutigliano
    The Problem of Healthcare and Attainable Solutions

STEM Scholars

The STEM curriculum includes the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students complete a set of core courses and a year-long research project in an approved field of study.

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  • 2020 STEM Scholars

    Ellis Beurle
    Determining Cellular Level Anatomical Changes From the Development of Frostbite to Tissue Necrosis

    Will Chuhta 
    Henry Jodka 
    Connor Rosow 
    Paper Un-Printing: The Removal of Toner Via Economically Viable Methods

    Peter Gutstein
    Applying Machine Learning to Wildlife Conservation: Using a Neural Network to Identify White-Tailed Deer on Trail Camera Images

    Emma Scanlan 
    Genetically Modifying Bacteria to Improve Bioremediation Capabilities: A Closer Look at Dechloromonas aromatica RCB

    Jack Truwit
    Data-Driven Discovery of Effective Marketing Hashtags

    Jamie Ullman
    Illuminating Your BAC: Toward Improving Wearable Blood-Alcohol Monitors Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

    Amelie Warneryd
    Examining Cerebral Protein Expression and Regions of Impact After BlastInduced Traumatic Brain Injury
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