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The Scholars Program is for students eager to forge their own paths. After identifying a field or topic that fascinates and inspires them, Scholars begin a deep dive that includes extensive independent research, consultations with faculty mentors, and, ultimately, a formal presentation of findings during St. Luke's Annual Scholar's Symposium. St. Luke's Scholars have won three National Cum Laude awards for their work (three out of three entries) and each participant receives an honors distinction at St. Luke's graduation. Many Scholars continue their research after their presentation.

View students' presentations and read more about the Scholars program, "the highest form of independent scholarship here on the St. Luke’s Hilltop," further down this page and in these stories from 2021 and 2020.
    • St. Luke's 2021 Scholars

2021 Scholars' Presentations

Classical Scholars

Participants in the Classical Scholars program undertake an enriched study of Latin and Greek. A senior-year research project, including classical humanities, completes the curriculum.

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Amelia Wyckoff '18 was the Cum Laude Society National Winner for her Classical Scholars paper, "Villain or Victim: Sexuality, Gender, and Female Agency in Medea." This top honor is given to only one or two students nationwide.

Additionally, Sebastian Bates '14 won the award for his Classical Scholars essay, "A Wolf Among Many Hounds: Poetry, Politics, and Reform in Solon's Athens," which was published in the Concord Review.

Global Scholars

Seniors selected as Global Scholars complete in-depth analysis of a global issue, extensive language study, and an interdisciplinary capstone project.

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    Hanaa Ahmar

    Yemen's Continued Humanitarian Crisis: No End in Sight

    Abby Johnson
    A Tool or a Weapon? The Implications of Artificial Intelligence Reliance Globally

    Elyse Kim
    A Delicate Balance: Protecting Global Press Freedom Amid Cultural and Political Turmoil

    Jack Laibe
    Bending Reality: Politics, Media, and Authoritarianism

    Doron Loewenberg
    Slam Dunk: Why the NBA’s Expansion Into Africa Could Be a Huge Win

    Moli Ma
    Blood-Soaked Clothes: Exploitation and Accountability in the Global Garment Industry

    Bella Martino
    Popping Off: The Impact of Popular Culture on Global Media and Politics

    Caroline Ross
    Africa’s Hidden Epidemic: How Malaria Mitigation and Prevention Are Attainable Despite Increased Climate Change

    Emma Seel
    Damming the Mekong River: National Interest & Environmental Catastrophe

STEM Scholars

The STEM curriculum includes the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students complete a set of core courses and a year-long research project in an approved field of study.

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    Zach Amendola

    A Mathematical Analysis of COVID-19

    Jack Briggs
    Navigating Unmapped Spaces Using Low-Cost Stereo SLAM

    Brian Douglas & Jonathan Hobson
    Manipulating Microphones with Lasers: Photic Signal Injection

    Chase Fredriksen Isaacs
    A Comprehensive Analysis of Prognostic, Diagnostic, and Predictive Biomarkers in Glioma

    Blake Haden
    Removing Microplastics: A Non-Invasive Watercraft Filter

    Rex Jensen & Tigerlily Jensen
    Optimizing Strategies and Evaluating Luck vs. Skill in Guts Poker

    Pierce Leclerc
    Engineering a Cheap, Safe, and Practical Alternative to High-End Electric Prosthetic Arms

    Cate Mathews
    Gut Feeling: An Exploration of the Environmental Triggers of Celiac Disease

    Danielle Nares & Ping Ryan
    Prototyping an Economical Kidney-Perfusing Transport Device

    Liam Patty
    Software Assisted Web Navigation via Web Scraping and Machine Learning for Symbol Identification

    Drew Priore
    Developing a Shoulder Injury Prevention Shirt for Football Players

    Nick Rutigliano
    Future Applications of Compliant Mechanisms
Carolina Warneryd '19 was the Cum Laude Society National Winner for her STEM paper, "Engineering a Sanitation Solution for the Guatemala City Dump." This top honor is given to only one or two students nationwide.
2020 Presentations
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