Summer at St. Luke's

Summer at St. Luke's offers a wide range of enrichment courses for Pre-K through high school students as well as for adults. College Essay Writing Workshops, designLab Camps, Ecology Adventures, and Sports Camp are just a few of the activities available. Our Summer at St. Luke's faculty and instructors are accomplished educators leading courses designed to be fun and enriching for students who want to make the most out of their summer break.

The majority of St. Luke's summer programs are open to the public—the few exceptions are noted below. Programs take place on St. Luke's School's beautiful campus at 377 North Wilton Road in New Canaan.

For information regarding Summer at St. Luke’s, please contact Summer Program Director Hunter Martin at / (203) 801-4903 or Sports Camp Director Dan Clarke at / (203) 801-4939.


Summer Programs by Week

June 10 - 14

June 17 - 21

EMT - New Canaan EMT (9th-12th) [Runs June 24-Aug. 19]
Sports Camp - Session I (4-7 y.o. & 7-14 y.o.)

June 24 - 28

Foundations of Computer Science - Online (9th-12th, SLS) [Runs through July 28]
Sports Camp - Session II (4-7 y.o. & 7-14 y.o.)

July 8 - 12

Sports Camp - Session III (4-7 y.o. & 7-14 y.o.)

July 15 - 19

Art on the Hilltop (5-9 y.o.)
designLab Camp - Take It Apart: Reverse Engineering (5th-8th)
Sports Camp - Session IV (4-7 y.o. & 7-14 y.o.)

July 22 - 26

Codebug - Web Development (9th-12th) [Runs through Aug. 2]
Codebug - Python: Self-Driving Cars (9th-12th) [Runs through Aug. 2]
Mondays at the MET - Session III (9th-12th & Adult)
Sports Camp - Session V (4-7 y.o. & 7-14 y.o.)

July 29 - August 2

Mondays at the MET - Session IV (9th-12th & Adult)

August 5 - 9

August 12 - 16

Ceramics at SLS - Session II (9th-12th & Adult)
Codebug - Web Development [cont.] (5th-6th)
Codebug - Python: Self-Driving Cars [cont.] (7th-8th)
College Essay Writing Workshop (12th)
designLab Camp - Introduction to Physical Computing and the “Internet of Things” (5th-12th)
Health Mini-Course - Healthy Relationships (9th-11th, SLS)
Health Mini-Course - Technology (10th-11th, SLS)
Humanities Seminar - Iran (9th-12th, SLS) [Online “Week 1” runs Aug. 1-11]
JumpStart to Trigonometry (10th or math placement, SLS) [Runs through Aug. 22]
Reading and Study Skills Workshop (6th-9th) [With dates in Sept. & Oct.)
Sports Camp - Session VII (4-7 y.o. & 7-14 y.o.)

August 26 - 30

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