Executive Function Skills for Middle Schoolers

For rising 5th-8th graders:
Join SLS Learning Specialists for a 2-day workshop to enhance your executive function (EF) skills. EF skills are essential in successfully managing your academic and daily life. Learning these skills can help you become a better planner, a more organized student, and a more strategic test taker. A detailed breakdown of the day-by-day schedule is available below.

Day 1: Introduction to Executive Function (EF) Skills and Study Spaces/Plans 
  • What are EF skills and why do they matter?
  • Techniques for effectively managing your time
  • Creating an effective study space
  • Active studying techniques
  • Study plans

Day 2: Time Management, Physical and Digital Organization, Goal Setting
  • MySLS
  • Email and Google drive
  • Binders, folders, and lockers
  • Materials checklists
  • Using a calendar system
  • Goal Setting & key takeaways
Dr. Rein

August 12 & 13, 2024

5th-6th Grades

August 14 & 15, 2024

7th-8th Grades

COST: $200
Space is limited.

Please contact summer@stlukesct.org with questions regarding the Executive Function workshop.

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