Executive Function Skills for Middle Schoolers

For rising St. Luke’s 5th-8th graders:
Join Learning Specialist Mrs. Teittinen-Schreck for a 2-day workshop to enhance your executive function (EF) skills. EF skills are essential in successfully managing your academic and daily life. Learning these skills can help you become a better planner, a more organized student, and a more strategic test taker.  Following the workshop, students will meet as a cohort for two follow-up sessions with our Learning Specialists during the fall.  A detailed breakdown of the day-by-day schedule is available below.

Day 1: Introduction to Executive Function (EF) Skills and Study Spaces/Plans 
  • What are EF skills and why do they matter?
  • Techniques for effectively managing your time
  • Creating an effective study space
  • Active studying techniques
  • Study plans

Day 2: Time Management, Physical and Digital Organization, Goal Setting
  • MySLS
  • Email and Google drive
  • Binders, folders, and lockers
  • Materials checklists
  • Using a calendar system
  • Goal Setting & Key Takeaways
Mrs. Teittinen-Schreck

August 22 & 24, 2022

5th-6th Grades

August 25 & 26, 2022

7th-8th Grades

COST: $200
Space is limited.

Please contact Kari Olsen with questions regarding the Executive Function workshop and curriculum, and Hunter Martin with inquiries regarding registration and Summer at St. Luke’s in general.

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