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Walk into any Middle School classroom to find lively discussion and students learning by doing. Teachers integrate real-world topics into our traditional curriculum, challenging students to make connections, think critically, and find their voices. Collaborative projects allow students to take risks as leaders and problem-solvers. Whether the subject is a new concept in algebra or the global community, students have endless opportunities to explore—and develop the confidence to do so.

Read more about the increasing number of Upper School girls in STEM at St. Luke's, and watch a video about how they are encouraging Middle Schoolers to join the Girls Who Code Club.

The Time for an Exceptional Education is Now

The middle school years are a critical time in a child’s learning development. Among the many reasons to invest in your child's middle school education at St. Luke's are:

  • Learning Continuity & Innovation
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • A Balance of Nurture & Challenge
  • An Inspiring Multi-Age Environment
  • The Confidence to Lead
  • A Culture of Kindness

Learn more about these benefits and hear from members of our community.

Amber Berry, Head of Middle School

We know they are children and that they are developing into young adults. All of the challenges they may face in middle school years—emotionally, academically, socially—we're there for them. ”

Middle School Project-Based Learning Opportunities


Tish Tregallas, Mother of Gardner '14, Tess ‘15 and Emma ‘17

Ever since my children were very small, I’d tell them, ‘Be good, be kind, have fun, and be yourself.’ We found this same spirit at St. Luke’s. The teachers are excellent and so caring. They know my children."

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A Positive Transition

St. Luke’s fifth grade academic program guides young students from elementary to middle school. A dedicated fifth grade hallway, separate yet connected to the Upper School, enables children to feel secure in their own space while experiencing life as a middle-schooler. The fifth grade teachers know every one of their students. They know students’ strengths and challenges, and work to inspire a deep love of learning in every child.

Beyond Middle School

By the time they finish 8th grade, students have acquired the communication and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in Upper School—and beyond. With teachers, advisors, friends, and teammates by their sides, they are engaged learners and leaders, confident in themselves and an integral part of our diverse community. Declamations serve as a rite of passage, as students push ideas to the limit, defend their findings, and transition to our 9th grade. With a strong academic foundation in place, they are confident and ready for their next challenges.

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St. Luke’s School is a secular (non-religious), private school in New Canaan, CT for grades 5 through 12 serving 25 towns in Connecticut and New York. Our exceptional academics and diverse co-educational community foster students’ intellectual and ethical development and prepare them for top colleges. St. Luke’s Center for Leadership builds the commitment to serve and the confidence to lead.