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St. Luke’s Alumna Receives National Research Paper Award

V. Parker
St. Luke’s alumna and current Brown University student Amelia Wyckoff ‘18 was selected as the Cum Laude Society National Winner for her 2018 Classical Scholars paper entitled "Villain or Victim: Sexuality, Gender, and Female Agency in Medea." Amelia was the only first place winner in this national contest.

Wyckoff shared, “Writing this paper was the perfect opportunity to explore my love of Ancient Greece, theater, and gender and sexuality studies. It was an honor to explore a powerful and controversial figure such as Medea. I’ve learned so much about both ancient history and myself, as well as our society today. The process of researching and writing this paper has informed my academic interests. I’m so grateful to the St. Luke’s Classics team for guiding me and letting me push the envelope.”

Leo ‘Magistra’ Mahler, St. Luke’s Latin and Greek teacher and Amelia’s Classical Scholars advisor, guided Amelia through her research and writing. Magistra said, “Throughout the process, Amelia approached the texts with intense curiosity and a careful, critical eye that caught key details in the vocabulary and grammar, leading her to ever more insightful conclusions. Even more impressive is that some of her primary sources were in Latin and Ancient Greek. It was a real pleasure to work with her on this project and to discuss such high-level texts and concepts with such an enthusiastic and dedicated student.”

St. Luke’s Director of Studies and Classics Teacher Jim Yavenditti noted, “This is the second time in just five years that St. Luke’s has produced a national winner for the Cum Laude Society paper. In 2014, Sebastian Bates also received this prestigious award. (His paper was also published in The Concord Review). Both Amelia’s and Sebastian’s papers were products of their Classical Scholars research as 12th grade students.”

Congratulations to Amelia for her outstanding paper and lofty achievement.

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