Center for Leadership


Preparing students for a lifelong commitment to learning and social responsibility is at the heart of the St. Luke’s experience and our Center for Leadership programming. The School’s motto, Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve, inspires students to strive not only for academic excellence but also responsible citizenship and service to humanity.

Kate Parker-Burgard, Center for Leadership Director

Our school motto, 'Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve,' is at the heart of who we are as a school. We believe that character is developed when actions are done in service to the greater good. By using one’s strengths, service locations become laboratories for developing leadership as students gain confidence and develop their identities as people who can help.”
In the Middle School, each grade focuses on a theme for the year. Throughout these programs, our students are exposed to different organizations and become oriented toward a service mindset. With the comfort of their classmates they discover places and ways in which they might want to continue serving on their own.

As our students mature, our community service program grows with them. In the Upper School, we offer a variety of grade-wide and school-wide service activities, but we also ask students to take on individual service engagement. Our Upper School students are in the midst of forming their identity. We want students to ask themselves, “What matters to me? What strengths or skills do I have to offer? How can I contribute to my community?” Through their initiative and our support, students pursue service in areas that interest them as well as develop their sense of responsibility and leadership.

Current Service Opportunities

Duncan Edwards, Executive Director, Waterside School

St. Luke's kids are different. They connect, they care, they work, they seem eager to learn, and most important, in every imaginable way, they display the greatest respect for our children."

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St. Luke’s School is a secular (non-religious), private school in New Canaan, CT for grades 5 through 12 serving 25 towns in Connecticut and New York. Our exceptional academics and diverse co-educational community foster students’ intellectual and ethical development and prepare them for top colleges. St. Luke’s Center for Leadership builds the commitment to serve and the confidence to lead.