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Welcome to the St. Luke's Service page. These resources are here to help students as they live out our school motto, Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve. Supportive parents will also find many of their questions about the service requirement answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • How many hours of community service do I need to complete in the Upper School?

    • Every Upper School student is required to complete twenty hours of community service per high school year.  These hours accumulate over the years to reach the total required for graduation (so if a student earns more than 20 hours in a year, those excess hours will be applied to the following year). 
    • Additionally, all students must complete ONE reflection over the course of their high school years on a service experience that they have had. Details can be found on this Service Resource page. 
    • Students may start acquiring hours as soon as they complete 8th grade. 
  • What sort of community service “counts?”

    • All hours that are not paid with any nonprofit organization (outside of St. Luke's School) will count.
    • Any paid work, whether or not it is for a nonprofit, may not be applied toward this requirement.  
    • If a student volunteers their time with a for-profit organization, half of the hours will apply toward their community service requirement. When submitting hours through MobileServe, please write in the comment box that you are recording 1/2 of the hours that were volunteered. 
  • How do I document my hours? 

    • All hours are documented through the online MobileServe system. All students are registered with their St. Luke's email.
    • When you want to enter your hours, simply log onto MobileServe and put in the information about your work. Be sure to include a supervisor's email and give them the heads up that they're going to be receiving a verification email from MobileServe.
    • If you notice that your supervisor hasn't approved your hours through MobileServe, you may send them an email asking for confirmation through the email and forward the email response to Ms. Parker-Burgard ( 
  • How do I find out about volunteer work?

    • There are frequently all-school community service activities at which you can earn hours.
    • Check with local organizations: rec departments, libraries, Emergency Medical Services, and fire departments have all been popular with our students. Some students also do volunteer work through their religious organization, scout troop, or National Charity League.
    • This Service Resource Board has many suggestions for volunteer work. In particular, please see the Ongoing Opportunities in the Links section and special events in the Announcements section.
    • Please set up an appointment with Ms. Parker-Burgard in the Center for Leadership to meet with her and discuss your particular interests.
  • Do I need to work with any specific organizations?

    • No, students are encouraged to use their passions and interests to find things that are meaningful.  Students may choose to do all of their hours with a single organization, or spread their hours among different projects. 
  • What about volunteer work that I do at St. Luke's School?

    On-campus service is a meaningful way to support the school community and can help build a strong leadership resume. A central part of the service requirement is intended to get students to engage with nonprofits beyond the school community, so we don't grant service hours for volunteer work that serves St. Luke's School. However, a student may get volunteer hours for work on campus under the following circumstances:
    • The on-campus activity directly benefits a nonprofit, such as volunteering at the Special Olympics basketball tournament or a large on-campus fundraising activity for a nonprofit organization.
    • The on-campus activity is primarily designed to reach out to non-SLS community members. 
  • What do I need to know about the Service Reflection? 

    Students are required to devote 20 hours of their service to a single cause or organization.  For example, they could volunteer 20 hours with a single homeless shelter, or they can distribute 20 hours of service among different homeless shelters.  That experience will become part of their Service Reflection, which is due anytime before Spring Break of senior year (it can be done as early as freshman year, if the student has done the 20 hours).  See the Reflection Requirement in the Download section of this page for more details on the writing.
  • What is the purpose of the reflection and hourly service requirement in the Upper School? 

    This requirement helps students develop habits of reaching out beyond their communities. Through engaging with nonprofits, students explore their leadership strengths and start to develop empathy for people who have different experiences. 
  • Should I continue documenting hours after I complete the requirement?

    • Yes, but once you’ve met the requirement you may put in the Director of the Center for Leadership as your supervisor. There is no need to have an outside supervisor sign off on them.
  • Why should I continue documenting hours after completing the requirement?

    • If we know what you’re doing, you can be a resource for other students as they look for volunteer opportunities in certain fields.
    • Students find it helpful to have hours recorded as it becomes a resource for them when applying for summer jobs, scholarships and college.
    • We really like knowing what our students are doing in the community. It gives us a more complete picture of the student and of service at St. Luke's School.

Announcements: Where You Can Help

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  • Make Sandwiches for New Covenant Center

    Families are welcome to work together on making (and delivering) sandwiches for New Covenant Center in Stamford. Details on what they need are here and protocols for preparing the sandwiches are here
    Read More
  • Unite to Fight--Filling in the Blanks 5K

    On Sunday, August 21st, Filling in the Blanks will host the fourth annual Unite to Fight 5K at the idyllic Waveny Park in New Canaan, CT. This race will build community and raise funds to help end childhood hunger in our local neighborhoods. We are actively seeking runners/walkers and a variety of sponsors for this event. Please sign up and spread the word! 
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  • Reading for Service

    The Norwalk Public Library would like your book reviews to post on their social media. Here are the details:
    • Reviews should be about books (fiction, nonfiction or graphic novels) that are interesting to kids in middle school and high school.
    • The reviews should be 100-250 words long. 
    • If you're not sure how to write a review, take a look at Amazon or Goodreads. Tell us a bit about the book (mystery, realistic, humor, superhero, etc), what's good about it, and why other kids might like it.
    • This is not a homework assignment, but do your best with spelling and grammar. We'll fix anything that needs fixing.
    • Once it's finished and you're happy with it, email it to Lisa at
    • You can submit 2 hours of service for every review you write. Identify Lisa as your supervisor. 
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  • New Canaan Nature Center this Summer!

    Are you between the ages of 14 and 18? The New Canaan Nature Center needs help with their new Land Management Plan. The project involves trails and grounds maintenance, habitat restoration, and invasive species removal to revitalize a walking trail around the Marsh Pond. Meeting weekly on Tuesdays from 9am-12pm throughout the summer (July 12, 19 & 26, August 2), committing to all 4 weeks is strongly encouraged.  To sign up, email Michelle Hips as SPACES ARE LIMITED. 
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  • Summer Opportunity at Adam J. Lewis

    The Adam J. Lewis Academy in Bridgeport is looking for assistance with their summer programs for students pre-K-3rd grades. It's a fantastic opportunity for anyone with experience working with kids and/or interested in possibly pursuing education as a career. Please speak with Ms. Parker-Burgard for more information on this.
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  • Food Rescue US needs drivers

    This organization engages volunteers to transfer fresh food surpluses from local businesses to social service agencies serving the food insecure. If you love to drive, this is a great way to get hours. If you're interested, please sign up on their website. Once you've signed up you will see instructions on where to pick-up the food and deliver it. 
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  • Become a Teen Helper for Filling in the Blanks

    There are more regular volunteer opportunities with Filling in the Blanks for students who would like more engagement with that organization. See their website for more information on becoming one of their Teen Helpers.
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  • Small Building Projects for Community Service

    The Norwalk Land Trust could use some help making birdhouses, bat houses, and small benches. If you're interested in taking on a project like this, please see Ms. Parker-Burgard
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Community Service Downloads

  • Reflection Requirement
    As part of the community service requirement, students focus some of their service organization with a single organization or cause and write a short reflection on it.  Please click here for details.
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