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Clubs & Affinity Groups

Upper School students may choose from a variety of clubs and affinity groups. These meet during lunch or immediately after school (before activities begin) 2-4 times a month. Students may join an existing group or launch a new club at any time during the year. Below is a sampling of the offerings in the 2022-2023 school year.

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  • Asian Affinity Group

    Serves to create a setting in which anyone of Asian descent (students, faculty, & staff) can comfortably express concerns or viewpoints on how to make today's society more inclusive.
  • Black Student Union

    Creates a safe space for black students to express themselves and make sure their voices are heard.
  • Building for Nonprofits Club

    Aims to teach students the valuable skills of collaboration and woodworking while benefiting the organizations who work to improve our local community.
  • Chess Club/Team

    Seeks to "empower people, enrich lives, and enhance communities through chess." (World Chess Federation) We will have an emphasis on service through chess and welcome players of all levels.
  • China Care

    The China Care Foundation was founded to support Chinese orphans. The China Care Club at SLS raises funds for the China Care Foundation and promotes the Chinese language and culture at SLS.
  • Eye of the Storm

    Eye of the Storm (EOTS) is a student-run club that creates videos and podcasts about events around the Hilltop. Click here for the latest.
  • Feminism Club

    Learn about gender-related issues and inequities around the world and take action in our own community and beyond. This club addresses the overlooked sexism in school and creates a space for people to share their concerns and stories and promotes a more mindful, informed, and inclusive space for everyone of all genders.
  • Finance Club

    Seeks to learn about finance through a variety of speakers and sharing articles and conversation.

    A Christian Bible study open to all students to discuss lessons that can be learned in the Bible.
  • GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance)

    A student group that provides a safe, secure, and supportive environment for LGBTQIA+ and questioning students and their allies in the St. Luke’s community. We believe that all students, regardless of orientation or identity, have the right to live without fear of harassment or intolerance.
  • Healthcare Club

    Provides exposure to various healthcare careers and teach students various practical skills relating to medicine.
  • Hispanic/Latinx Affinity Group (HLAG)

    Provides a space for students to express their opinions and thoughts about their culture and discuss how Latin American culture can best be represented at St. Luke's.
  • Investment Club

    Seeks to teach the value of money management, and the fundamentals of stock and derivatives trading. We will also run a year-long trading competition for a gift card prize.
  • Jewish Affinity Group

    The mission is to provide camaraderie and a safe place for students who identify as Jewish and to educate the greater St. Luke’s community about our shared heritage and cultural differences, thus discouraging intolerance.
  • Literature Club

    Seeks to increase high school students’ appreciation for great literature and expand upon their enjoyment of humanities.
  • Math Team

    Provides a space where students interested in math can expand their knowledge of the subject and challenge themselves through math team competitions.
  • Midnight Run Club

    Helps plan and organize midnight runs for the SLS community.
  • Mind Matters Club

    Seeks to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and invite open conversation on the Hilltop.
  • Model United Nations (Model UN)

    Gives high school students experience in engaging with global issues, so that they can learn how to handle issues that affect our world in a simulated environment of the actual UN. This teaches public speaking, debating, writing, and compromise skills, while preparing students to potentially pursue a future in serving the world.
    Recent news story: Model UN Travels Back in Time to 1776
  • Music Therapy Club

    Music therapy is a proved science...simple songs have the potential to impact hearts and minds in countless ways. This club serves as an outlet for SLS students to come together and appreciate/play/talk about music.
  • OutsideSLS

    Hosts an unbiased conversation once a month, educating students on current events. We hope to shed light on struggles both worldwide and in our community.
  • The Pendulum (literary magazine)

    This annual art and literary publication showcases the creative endeavors of our upper school students. It also provides students on the staff the opportunity to understand how to collaborate and provide critical feedback for submissions, as well as how to create an annual publication.
  • Philosophy Club

    Seeks to get St. Luke's students interested in philosophy and thinking about the world through a different lens.
  • Poker Club

    Seeks to teach students how to think through day-to-day probabilities and statistics while having fun playing Texas Hold'em and various other card games. (No money/gambling is used in this club, card games are ONLY simulation).
  • Programming Club

    Seeks to learn programming and create projects along the way.
  • Rocketry Team

    The rocketry team will compete in this year's national rocketry competition. More information can be found at
  • Science Club

    Seeks to provide a competitive intellectual and engaging atmosphere in the sciences as students participate in olympiads and fairs.
  • Service Board

  • SLS Climbing Club

    Seeks to share an uncommon sport and bring people together and teach them about patience, resilience, awareness, and how to learn from failure.
  • Storm Sounds

    Seeks to promote and share the spirit that music can bring to our community. Music can bring groups together and create harmony between them.
  • Stormscats

    An opportunity for singers of all abilities and experience who love music and want to develop their voice and repertoire in a fun and social setting (you do NOT have to be in chorale to join).
  • Sustainability Club

    Seeks to spread awareness about current global issues surrounding climate change and to create a more sustainable environment at St. Luke's. The club also works to promote sustainable habits and encourage students to become activists for reversing the drastic effects of climate change on the environment.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club

    Seeks to promote outdoor activity and exercise in a fun way.
  • Women In Stem Education (WISE)

    We aim to spark prolonged interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. By providing young women with exposure to different elements of STEM through mentorship, we are hopeful to encourage higher female engagement in these fields throughout the St. Luke’s Community and beyond.


Students all participate in one of our varied afternoon activities. Many opt for athletics or theater, but other passions are frequently pursued. Most activities take place Monday-Thursday from 2:45-3:45 and fulfill our non-academic afternoon activity requirement. Students sign up for a new activity each of the three school seasons. St. Luke's mantra: Try new things!

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  • Art

  • Blues Band

    This annual school highlight brings together student, faculty and staff musicians and singers who spend months collaborating and rehearsing together. Their hard work culminates in the always-exciting Blues Band Concert featuring songs from all genres of music—it changes from year to year but it can include rock, soul, rap, pop, jazz, standards, and, of course, the blues.
  • Caduceus (yearbook)

    Students are a critical part of our School's yearbook. They serve as photographers, editors, and more. Contact faculty advisor Ross James at for more information.
  • Debate Team

    St. Luke's Upper School and Middle School Debate Teams are award-winning and the School has a faculty member dedicated to the debate teams and courses.

    Visit St. Luke's Debate Team page to learn more.
  • Music Club

  • Rock 'n' Record

  • Sentinel (newspaper)

    Visit the St. Luke's online student newspaper The Sentinel to see all the student-produced work. Beyond the faculty advisor, students oversee all aspects of the School paper.
  • Theater

    St. Luke's has a very active Theater and Theater Tech program presenting numerous productions each year. Please visit our Theater webpage for more details.
  • Theater Tech

  • WSLX on Air (radio station)

    Founded in 1973, WSLX continues strong with programming including music, talk, and live sports play-by-play.

    Click here to learn more about our radio station.

    If you want to listen to WSLX now, click here.
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