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Clubs & Affinity Groups

Upper School students may choose from a variety of clubs and affinity groups. These meet during lunch or immediately after school (before activities begin) 2-4 times a month. Students may join an existing group or launch a new club at any time during the year. Below is a sampling of the offerings in the 2020-2021 school year.

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  • Americares Club

    The mission is to not only spread the word about what the Americares Foundation's mission is - "to save lives and improve health for people affected by poverty or disaster so they can reach their full potential" - throughout the St. Luke's community, but to give SLS students the opportunity to take part in the foundations supportive fundraisers, volunteer work, meetings with the foundations workers, etc.
  • App Development Club

  • Asian Affinity Group

    The mission is to provide an inclusive space for Asian-identifying students at St. Luke's School and to celebrate each other’s culture.
  • Cheese Club

    To educate the school and St. Luke's community about cultures through the medium of cheese.
  • Chess Club

    The mission is to help new chess players learn to play the game, and experienced players improve at the game, as well as to unite fellow-minded chess enthusiasts in one club where students can enjoy the game.
  • China Care

    The goal of the China Care Club at St. Luke’s is to raise money for the China Care Foundation. Our mission is to bring medical care, education, and love to Chinese orphans through fundraisers, and to help foster an understanding of Chinese culture. We hope to foster an understanding of Chinese culture and the mission of the China Care charity through a variety of activities and fundraisers.
  • Country Music Club

    To create a diverse, tight-nit group of student who love country music.
  • COVID-19 Response Club

    The goal is to provide SLS students with effective and efficient ways to support the people suffering the most from COVID-19. We will advertise organizations, raise funds, use social media for educational campaigns, and provide volunteer opportunities.
  • Entrepreneur's Club

    To allow a safe space for students to share their ideas for future businesses and also hear a story that might inspire them to do so.
  • Eye of the Storm

    Eye of the Storm (EOTS) is a student-run club that creates videos and podcasts about events around the Hilltop.

    Visit the EOTS website to see their latest projects, a behind-the-scenes video, and more!

  • Feminism Club

    The mission is to take meaningful action to move the St. Luke's community forward through challenging dialogue, awareness, and empowerment. we strive to exist as an inclusive and dynamic space where we stand with one another and build a community that fights for equality.
  • GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance)

  • Investment Club

    The Investment Club introduces club members to finance, investment, and the global economy. Additionally, we will host at least one stock picking competition in which we hope to involve students across the school in addition to members of the Investment Club.
  • Jewish Affinity Group

    The mission is to provide camaraderie and a safe place for students who identify as Jewish and to educate the greater St. Luke’s community about our shared heritage and cultural differences, thus discouraging intolerance.
  • Le Cercle Français

    To create an environment for students that allows themselves to be immersed into the french language and culture while also providing an environment for students of all levels to feel comfortable speaking French. 
  • Literature Club

    With the love of books as its driving force, the Literature Club’s mission is to deepen our knowledge of literature and to extend that knowledge beyond the walls of St. Luke’s. These goals will be achieved by completing writing exercises, learning how to properly write book reviews, educating ourselves on important literary figures and devices, participating in writing competitions, and promoting reading for enjoyment.
  • Math Team

  • Model United Nations (Model UN)

  • MTG Club

    The goal is to spread a love and knowledge of the card game Magic: The Gathering.
  • Outdoor Club

    The goal is to encourage appreciation and respect for nature while engaging in physical activity. 
  • Pink Portrait Project Club

    This club supports a program provides free portrait sessions to those dealing with breast cancer.

    The goal of the Pink Portrait Project—"We don’t define family; you do! So grab the people who comprise your Breast Cancer family – your children, partner, parents, friend, co-workers, a neighbor who drove you to chemotherapy – and we’ll snap away. After your portrait session, your photographer will provide you with a shareable digital album for your smartphone, ideal for sharing with family and friends and allowing you to access these memories on-the-go. We’ll also give you an 8x10 keepsake portrait, all free of charge, to celebrate what's at the heart of the matter."
  • Preemie Club

    The goal of the club is finding ways in which to support families of preemie infants. Students were inspired to create a club that supports local NICU’s by filling their supply closets. They knit preemie size hats, tie-dye and personalize preemie clothes, raise money for supplies, and even design their own onesies. We package up the goods and make personal deliveries at the hospitals. 
  • Service Board

  • SLS Let's Talk Project

    The mission of the Let’s Talk Project is to engage students in a manner of discussion, experience, and service to issues that may not directly affect our communities. We plan to shed light on important world issues that may not be as mainstream, as well as covering media-dominant issues such as social justice. We also want to help students do more than just reposting or reblogging certain issues. Change begins within our hands. 
  • Sports Culture Club

    To facilitate and preserve a safe sports debate environment.
  • START (Students towards AntiRacist Tranformation)

    The mission is to identify the ways in which racism is present in our community and culture, to understand the impacts of racism on all people, and to provide strategies to be successfully antiracist.
  • Student Ambassadors

  • Sustainability Club

    This mission is to make St. Luke's more environmentally cautious. 
  • The Pendulum (literary magazine)

  • WISE (Women in STEM Education)


Students all participate in one of our varied afternoon activities. Many opt for athletics or theatre, but other passions are frequently pursued. Most activities take place Monday-Thursday from 2:45-3:45 and fulfill our non-academic afternoon activity requirement. Students sign up for a new activity each of the three school seasons. St. Luke's mantra: Try new things!

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  • Art

  • Blues Band

    This annual school highlight brings together student, faculty and staff musicians and singers who spend months collaborating and rehearsing together. Their hard work culminates in the always-exciting Blues Band Concert featuring songs from all genres of music—it changes from year to year but it can include rock, soul, rap, pop, jazz, standards, and, of course, the blues.
  • Caduceus (yearbook)

    Students are a critical part of our School's yearbook. They serve as photographers, editors, and more. Contact faculty advisor Ross James at for more information.
  • Debate Team

    St. Luke's Upper School and Middle School Debate Teams are award-winning and the School has a faculty member dedicated to the debate teams and courses.

    Visit St. Luke's Debate Team page to learn more.
  • Music Club

  • Rock 'n' Record

  • Sentinel (newspaper)

    Visit the St. Luke's online student newspaper The Sentinel to see all the student-produced work. Beyond the faculty advisor, students oversee all aspects of the School paper.
  • Theater

    St. Luke's has a very active Theater and Theater Tech program presenting numerous productions each year. Please visit our Theater webpage for more details.
  • Theater Tech

  • WSLX on Air (radio station)

    Founded in 1973, WSLX continues strong with programming including music, talk, and live sports play-by-play.

    Click here to learn more about our radio station.

    If you want to listen to WSLX now, click here.
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