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Lunch & Lead with Aris Kekedjian

It was standing room only as fifty Upper School students, faculty and staff gathered for the Center for Leadership’s Lunch & Lead with GE executive & SLS parent Aris Kekedjian. Currently leading GE’s largest portfolio restructuring effort, Kekedjian has held numerous executive positions during his 25 years with the company.

"I have the coolest but also highest stress job," Kekedjian said. "I have always done my best under pressure. I learned to recognize what drives me." Kekedjian emphasized the importance of discovering what you’re "good at" and what you’re "not good at." He said it often takes a team with diverse skills to make a project a true success.

As for being successful, he said, "You can’t predict when luck will happen but you can create opportunities to increase your chances. When the moment arrives to show what you can do, you have to be ready for your shot."

Aris Kekedjian and his wife Patti are parents to St. Luke’s students Chloe ‘18 and Brandon ‘21.

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