Lunch & Lead: Talking News With CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota

V. Parker
At Wednesday’s Center for Leadership's Lunch & Lead, CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota shared an array of her experiences—from the path that led her to CNN’s morning show New Day to what it’s like working in her industry these days.

Her high school dream of going to law school shifted towards broadcast journalism before entering college and has kept the course ever since then. Her work in the field started with an entry-level job working for Ted Koppel followed by the start of her on-camera career at America’s Most Wanted. Prior to landing at CNN, she spent many years at Fox News.

Camerota discussed how working during the current news cycle is like no other time in her career. She said, “I often go to bed not knowing what news we’ll be covering in the morning.”

St. Luke’s students asked numerous thoughtful questions which she answered in kind. When asked how to discern what news is real and what is not, she discussed the importance of getting information from a variety of reputable sources that have different perspectives.

Camerota is also a St. Luke’s parent to sixth grade twins.

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