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CFL Lunch & Lead: Turning Hopes Into Reality

V. Parker
From Center for Leadership Director Kate Parker-Burgard:

Imagine yourself as a child fleeing your home because you weren’t safe and then finding yourself moving around to foreign countries where you don’t know the language. Students at St. Luke’s School were able to hear one woman’s story of her family’s flight from Iran during the revolution. Shiva Sarram, a St. Luke’s parent, vividly describes leaving behind everything—toys on the floor, laundry in the hamper, and food in the cupboard—because she thought her family would soon return. Forty years later, she still hasn’t gone back.

Sarram’s experience with the upheaval and devastation of war inspired her to establish the Blossom Hill Foundation. The organization “funds innovative ideas to help children affected by conflict in the Middle East.” Through the Blossom Hill Foundation, programs established in refugee communities address education, technology, job training, and child development.

Ms. Sarram was invited to speak with Upper School students as part of the Center for Leadership’s student-run Lunch & Lead series.

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