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Leading Voices Blog—Coronavirus: Move Our Community Forward

V. Parker
“Never was there as good a time for practicing leadership the St. Luke’s way as right now. As we often explain in the Center for Leadership (CFL), leadership is about moving your community forward and making them better. It’s something everyone can do. Given the challenges of COVID-19, it’s up to all of us to do whatever we can to make our communities better. Yesterday, our Head of School Mark Davis wrote very compellingly about social distancing as a compassionate act of leadership in slowing down the spread of this virus. I am among those who canceled much-anticipated travel plans and am hunkering down for a period of social semi-isolation. And while we remain socially apart it’s an important time to come together as a community, as the Greater Good Magazine points out.”

Read more in the Leading Voices blog Coronavirus: Move Our Community Forward by Center for Leadership Director Kate Parker-Burgard

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