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Practice Day: It Felt A Lot Like School

It was a St. Luke’s first: The entire student body, grades 5-12, at home, connecting with peers and teachers online for St. Luke’s Distance Learning Practice Day.

Many parents were quite impressed with this trial run:

"Given the extraordinary times we are all going through, we just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for the school and students recently. You all must have worked day and night given the very fluid situation. . . This is something we have never experienced before, so we really appreciate everything you did that we don’t even know about."

"Beyond impressed at the teachers and students engaged in e-learning. When I heard my child’s teacher speaking to her homeroom this morning in her extraordinarily resonant and comforting voice, my eyes filled for a moment."

"You guys are absolutely killing it. I cannot believe how organized your instruction for parents was about the online learning and for the kids. Both of my kids said it felt a lot like school. . . everybody in this uncertain time really enjoyed just seeing each other and being together and it’s so nice that we can do so online."

For faculty, the Information Technology team members are the heroes of the day: Director Eleanor Page, Academic Technologists Matt Bavone, Eli Fendelman and Sasha Mathrani, Audio & Video Specialist Bryan DeVissiere, System Support Administrator Roger D’Agostin and Systems Support Specialist PJ Clarke.

"We have the most amazing support from our IT wizards! Thank you for making it so do-able! Your gifts as teachers make it possible for all of us to reach the goals, no matter what our ‘learning style’ or prior deficits. Thank you so much!" - 5th Grade Teacher Jane Olsen

"Heroes! My classes have all gone perfectly today. Kids were totally comfortable. I was, too. THANK YOU, TEACH TECH!" - Kirsten Tobler

"Thank you TE(A)CH Team! You are amazing!" - Mandarin Teacher Jingjing Lai

"I am very honored and proud to work with such incredible TE(A)CH colleagues (really, wizards). Your infinite patience and indefatigable efforts are inspiring!" -Upper School Science Teacher Dr. John Higgins

"Thank you, thank you IT!!!! Kids even wanted to play instruments today all together in the 5th grade." - Middle School Band Teacher Maggie Lauer

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