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V. Parker
As the Coronavirus crisis continues to challenge us, heartwarming acts of kindness are popping up throughout the St. Luke’s community. As St. Luke’s Center for Leadership Director Kate Parker-Burgard shared: “Our motto, ‘Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve’ is at the heart of who we are as a school. We believe that character is developed when actions are done in service to the greater good.”

For all in our community who have gone above & beyond during these trying times, you are our SLS Heroes.

St. Luke’s Director of Facilities Darrell Maier delivered an inventory of N95 masks to the New Canaan EMS headquarters. As New Canaan EMS President (and St. Luke’s PA Liaison) Barb Clayton shared, “...these masks are the most important piece of an emergency responder’s equipment, donned when responding to a call from a patient who presents with symptoms (or travel or exposure) compatible with COVID-19.  While conservative with our use of these masks, we are mostly concerned with keeping our emergency responders healthy and safe. That is a challenge. Darrell, thank you and SLS for sharing these precious gifts of safety with us!”

St. Luke’s designLab director Michael Mitchell joined the maker movement to help crowdsource face masks parts for hospitals: "I drove to school on Tuesday to pick up our 3D printers. I'm currently set up in my garage." Michael shared that polycarbonate is needed to make the plastic shields. If you know of someone who might be able to donate materials, please contact Mike Adelstein, President and CEO of Potomac Photonics, at (443) 543-5733. 

In Service in the Time of COVID-19, Kate Parker-Burgard shares the impact of many St. Luke’s students crafting personal cards for senior living residents over Spring Break.

More SLS_Heroes profiles are heading your way next week including two brothers making a difference with their Zouchers website and a SLS alum taking the lead in organizing service efforts in Prague. 

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