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#SLS_Heroes: MS Students Create Zouchers.Com

V. Parker
St. Luke’s Middle School students Arjan ‘26 and Nihaal Kochar ‘24 sprung into action during Spring Break to help local businesses struggling during the Coronavirus crisis. Familiar with WordPress, the brothers and a friend got right to work building the website Zouchers.com.

As the website states: “We sell Zouchers (vouchers) to help small businesses. When you buy a Zoucher for a certain business, they get the money you paid to help them tide over the current crisis! Zouchers was conceived to provide local communities a way to help out local family-run restaurants.” Arjan shared, “It was meant for our local community, but when our cousin in the United Kingdom also offered to help, we realized this website could help family-run businesses all over the world.”

Nihaal created the logo and Arjan decided on the name. Arjan explained that his father likes to say that “Zouchers are vouchers from Gen Z,” and, with that, the name was finalized. Thanks to the work of these middle schoolers (and some help from their parents), Zouchers.com is thriving. They warmly invite small businesses to register and encourage everyone to visit the site to buy vouchers in support of their local restaurants. Arjan and Nihaal also ask that you spread the word so they can help even more people in need.

Arjan ‘26 and Nihaal Kochar ‘24 are just two of the many #SLS_Heroes in our community. We invite you to share your own stories of service to communications@stlukesct.org. Follow these stories on St. Luke’s social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)—and tag your own: #sls_heroes.
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