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Middle School Art Selected for Display

From Middle School art teachers Nancy Sarno and Haley Wulfman:

Every year, the Middle School Art Department selects student art projects for the Middle School Art Gallery. The selected works are framed and put on display in the waiting area of Mr. Davis' office, in the Community Court, and around the school. The chosen sculptures are displayed in a case in the designLab. 

The art teachers look for work that demonstrates both skill and meaning. Both are expansive and can be seen differently by each individual. What do these things mean to us? Skill can be illustrated through good use of color, creating lines, shapes, and textures, choice of subject matter, the invention of new techniques, the ability to make something look "real,” and more.

Meaningful artwork might create wonder, offer a new way of seeing or thinking about things, or make us eager to look deeper and discover more. Art can be unclassifiable and is not always understandable, but it provides a world of possibilities. 

What do you see when you look at these works? 

Find out by viewing this video made by our MS art teachers, which features this year’s Middle School Art Gallery selections.


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