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Exploring Cross-Cultural Marketing in Spanish

By: Carrie Meatto, Upper School Spanish Teacher
Cross-cultural marketing is increasingly essential in both local and global economies. Students in Spanish III developed language and intercultural skills to prepare them for this reality by familiarizing themselves with a product outside of their cultural norm and pitching it to their peers.  

Botánica Eleggua, a nearby store that sells spiritual goods for health and well-being, invited St. Luke's students to explore their products and to learn about the cultural practices and perspectives behind them. Students interviewed the store owner in Spanish to identify products that would sell well with the St. Luke’s student audience.

Once back on campus, students developed a logo and sales pitch — staying true to the product — and devised ways to reach their audience. They created a pop-up botánica and "sold" sticker versions of their product to their peers and back to the botánica shop owner herself, who came to visit. The top earners most effectively bridged the two cultures. 

The essential questions for this project were: What is culture? What values do cultural products and practices reveal? How do cultures compare? 

Students developed reading, conversational, and presentational writing skills as they answered these questions. In their research and marketing, they learned and applied the subjunctive in adjective and noun clauses, commands, object pronouns, past-tense narration, and vocabulary related to well-being.

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