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Students Coordinate Ukrainian Relief Efforts at St. Luke’s

By: Kate Parker-Burgard, Center for Leadership Director
Since the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine began, ninth grade students Ally and Matty Shulman have been committed to doing whatever they can to make a difference. "We knew we needed to do our part to help the Ukrainian people, as every time we watched the news there was always a new horrifying development with the ongoing war. It is so heartbreaking to know the atrocities that the Ukrainian people are dealing with. We needed to determine how we, as students, could find a way to tap into the SLS community and help.”  

Knowing that relief funds were most needed they created an opportunity for students and faculty to donate money in milk jugs, gathering over $1,000 before spring break. But they weren’t done. They continued their efforts and organized a walkathon on the campus, which took place on Saturday, April 30, with a small but dedicated group representing students, faculty, alumni, and current and parents. The group walked several laps around the campus in an act of support for the millions of refugees who have been forced to flee war-torn Ukraine. Ally and Matty also used the occasion to promote their cause to family and friends in the region. 

Thanks to their tireless efforts, along with contributions from other participants and supporters, $4,036 was raised and will be donated to Global Giving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. Ally and Matty said, “It is great to know the money we raised with our collection buckets and walkathon will go toward helping to provide Ukrainian people access to food, water, and other necessities, which they so badly need during this time of crisis."
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